Saturday, 2 May 2020

April Catch Up

Ok, so I lost track of April but that's alright...lots of good happened even in this crazy time of social distancing.

FNSI, 1XMAS and WOOFA ... Way back on the night of FNSI I made some good progress on 'A Merry Christmas Garden'.

Mid April our Daughter, Son-in-Law and Grandsons (one 3 year old and one 5 month old) came to live while SIL awaits a knee reconstruction. As my sewing is spread between the 2 spare bedrooms, I've had to pack, store and tidy and have small projects out.

A little crafting and cooking for Anzac Day as we remembered those who served and continue to serve.

I did finish Little Flynn's Farm and was lucky enough that when I took it to a quilter yesterday, the lady had a free spot, loaded it on the frame and I was able to bring it back home yesterday afternoon. Now to get the binding machined on 1 side so I can sit and hand stitch the binding down.

Then on with 'Mother Goose Nursery' for grandson no. 4 between living in a busy household and going to work 3 days a week ... never a dull moment.

Ooops!  I've also forgotten to share pics of March blocks for my Murder Mystery Quilt

and April blocks which was adding onto March blocks.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Friday Night Sew In With Friends

I've been slack and not made it back here after our 2nd FNWF to share my big finish.  So to use "2 for the price of 1" ... after last Friday Night ... and Saturday ... and Sunday ... I put the final stitch to 'Little Maccas Farm'  aka  'Little Flynn's Farm'

Thank you Cheryll for hosting our 2nd night with friends, was just the motivation I needed.

Now it's time to get ready for a FNSI with Wendy and I've been busy prepping on block 4 of  'A Merry Christmas Garden' ... which just also happens to tie in with WOOFA and 1XMAS.

Staying home ... staying safe ... and enjoying sewing with wonderful friends.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Friday Night Feline

This little kitty is showing off his brand new whiskers with a proud 'meow'.

With all his new friends, my little farm is growing, but now I have to wait for the mail lady to bring a parcel of cottons in order to finish the stitching.

If you missed this Friday night as I almost did, head over HERE and be ready for an extra Friday Night With Friends ... thank you Cheryll.

Friday, 3 April 2020


What better way to spend a Friday night than with friends...even when I almost forgot.

Life on the "FARM" is stitching along and Kitty is next in line for the hoop.

A purr-fect evening ahead.

Sunday, 22 March 2020


Before the insects drove me away from the sewing machine, I managed to give sight to 3 farm animals. Then reteating to the lounge my Christmas Garden grew ... green stems.

Saturdat night the leaves sprouted ...

Today the berries ripened ...

A little trim, a few seems and block 3 of A Merry Christmas Garden is complete. Thanks Wendy for a lovely Friday night sewing and I have good progress on my number 1. WOOFA

Friday, 20 March 2020

FNSI Plans

Busy busy week so I've been planning what I can work on this afternoon and tonight. I have 12 animals needing eyes appliqued and stems needing needle turn. Wendy's planning an Irish get together so lucky I'm working on some greenery :)

Goodness to share from a much needed lovely outing last weekend but that will need to wait ... the farm is calling.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

FNWF Reporting

My plans changed a little and some prep and stitching happened on A Merry Christmas Garden...

Before that I finished my February block for a Murder Mystery Quilt ...

The evening was rounded off with a little knitting to finish a much needed dishcloth.

Thank you Cheryll and friends for a lovely evening.

Friday, 6 March 2020

I Missed February??!!

I know it's a short month and all but ... really??  A lot of "stuff" has been happening and if I start now I won't get any sewing done this afternoon to get a start on Friday Night With Friends.

This year I'm taking part in a Murder Mystery Quilt and the Feb block is due so that's a must to finish. Then onto another animal for 'Little Flynn's Farm' (my take on Little Maccas Farm).  I've increased hours at my town job this year to help the budget but it's eating away at my sewing time.

We have been fortunate to receive some rain and are now in a "green" drought ... lots of weeds, not much feed, some dams need a lot more and it's still going to be a long haul through this but we'll keep on keeping on.

Ok ... I'm off to sew, trace, iron, trim, iron some more ... woohoo ... see you tonight.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

WOOFA and OPAM January

It's always good to have that little push to get things done.  Being on school holidays, I try to make the most of spare time. Sadly not a lot of that while surviving through this drought but sewing is always my sanity. A couple of finishes for OPAM ... thanks Kris.

A tote bag for Grandson J's farm animals.

A portable change mat for DIL

and a couple of neck scarves for working in the dusty cattle yards.

I also got to spend a day with good friends at our little patchwork group and worked on a WOOFA ... thanks Cheryll.

A few blocks of needle turn applique towards block 3 of A Merry Christmas Garden.

Please click on my sidebar links if you'd like to know or see more from these two inspirational circle of friends.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Baby News!

So excited to to announce the arrival of our newest grandson ... 2nd child for DS and DIL.

Mitchell Len
6lb 11oz  (3045g)
January  08, 2020
@  11.32am

If this post is sounding familiar, grandsons no. 3 and 4 are only 2 months apart.  Proud grandparents to 4 beautiful little boys.

I really need to get a riggle on with those baby quilts.  It's also back to work tomorrow ready for the start of the school year while hubby continues to feed cattle and check waters. My horse riding came to an abrupt holt a week ago when I was rudely dumped on the ground on my rear end. No fault of the horse as she got a fright and I just was ready for her sideways jump ... left me mid air with nowhere to go but down ... with a thud!  Nothing broken luckily but lets just say I can't sit down for very long.

Time to walk it off ... maybe make a cuppa and cross everything that the storm clouds on the horizon are kind and dump some much needed rain this afternoon.