Sunday, 7 February 2016

FNWF - Mudcake or Brownies?

Oh the dilemma! First I cooked brownies, followed by a choc mud cake before popping a lasagna in the oven now that the weather had cooled down enough to even consider turning the oven on.

Brownies and a milo ....

Then back to business ... putting the final stitches into this sweet pattern.

Thank you Cheryll for another lovely Friday Night with Friends xx

After all that beautiful rain and some amazing rainfall totals in neighbouring areas, all that water has to go somewhere. Taking most things in it's path.

This road is the one I travel on to get to work...once the river is high enough to spill over the dam spillway, water backs up the creeks.

If it's flooded ... forget it!

This weather also plays havoc with my internet. Just to post took ages so not much blog hopping happening ... most times I get "error loading" and then nothing happens.

Friday, 5 February 2016


It's that time again.  Now that a cool change has finally come through I might get something yummy happening in the oven too.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Who's Peeking?

Enjoying some beautiful rain but not the horrid humidity before the storm breaks ... or the power outages ... some stitching happening.

I snapped this pic last week ...  I was intrigued with the funnel and then noticed ...

 do you see what I see?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

FNSI and Mail

I very quickly and at the last minute signed up with Wendy for some sewing on Friday night. After a busy day in town it was good to sit and work on something I'd prepared earlier.

These are parts of my Merry Christmas Garden Block 3 ... 1 Star, 2 Circles and a Present with needle turn applique.

Some mail arrived last week so now I can sit with a cuppa and browse 2015 at Pins and Whiskers.

At the beginning of each year I have the previous year made into a Blog Book ... 2015 being the eighth and smallest book ... I really need to try and post more often. It's always lovely to look through each book and remember the projects, the finishes, the UFO's (that's a bit scary sometimes) and those wonderful occasions as well as the trials.

Maybe I'll have a sewing day today ... how about you?

Saturday, 9 January 2016

A New Year and FNWF

Looks like this new year is off to a flying start and I've almost been left at the starting gate ... but I'm not going to let that faze me ... I'm just going to jump on in when I can!

Starting with last night and all the Friday Night Friends over at Cheryll's cubbyhole. I only had to applique the 'Blessings' block to the background and the circle 4 patch, then finish sewing together Block 2 of A Merry Christmas Garden.

Scary to think I started this block 12 months ago ... Block 3 has also been coming together and it's time to get back into some needle turn applique big time!

If I may retrace my steps a little ... this is what we were doing just before Christmas to spruce the place up a bit.

This highchair was made by my dad and my children used it when they were babies ... ready now for GS Master J

After Christmas and our guests had returned home it was a quick dash into town for 'stuff' and on with a full muster.  New Year's Eve was a quiet night in with my parents visiting to help ... DS and Master J joined us New Year's Day and lunch consisted of roast chicken sandwiches up at the cattle yards and a cuppa in a pannikin (tin cup) with fruit for after and lots and lots of cold water to beat the heat.

(Trying to be creative)

So now that I have one more week to make the most of before heading back to off-farm work ... I'm off to make the most of it with some tracing and preparing applique pieces. This quilt is going to be my project for 1 Xmas Item A Year. If you'd like to make a head start on a hand made Christmas check it out.

I am looking forward to many more Friday nights with Friends and Sew-Ins and maybe some CTTY if I can squeeze in some Christmas gift making through the year.

Have you heard? Wendy and Dawn are revamping 'Sew Its Finished' ... I know I have plenty of projects that could/should be finished ... but so many new ones that I should/could start too.

One seam at a time ... Happy New Year

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Monday, 28 December 2015

Wrapping Up 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, I have a couple of finishes to share. The first is a design by Michelle Ridgway which I had been working on for a while. The stitchery had been done and waiting for a sewing spree which finally happened... just in time to wrap for my Christmas Swap Gift at our Patchwork Group Break-up on December 14. Loved making this tote and needle case.

I also finished the second red Santa Face knitted dishcloth but there was no way I could get my camera to take a reasonable picture. There was a little reverse knitting required at Patchwork Day. Then to use up the remaining blue and green cotton, I knitted up this cloth for a spare for myself.

With all the gifts wrapped and feeling organised for once ... I decided to check out where I'm up to with 'A Merry Christmas Garden' ... hoping to focus on this quilt for 2016.  Block 2 is almost finished and just needed the rectangle and square pieces cut out and a star made before sewing together. So then I spread out blocks 3 to 6 and cut all the fabric for these to make sure all my fabrics were distributed as evenly as possible.
Block 2

We have also had some very noisy visitors. Twice a year a large flock of Black Cockatoos fly over our house in the late afternoon and again at early morning. The sky can be almost black with them and a few stop off to chow down on trees around our house.

Christmas Day was a relaxed day with family ... some we hadn't caught up with in quite a while. Gorgeous Master J was busy trying out his new trike from Aunty L.

Looking forward to a new year with wonderful new memories to make and lots of crafty finishes too.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

FNWF Results Are In

Here is my score card for Friday Night with Cheryll and friends. Thank you for a lovely year of fun and friendship.

My last hand made stocking filler ... this was ahead of a busy weekend and an even busier week to come. Hope to finish it tomorrow at our Patchwork Group if I "talk less; concentrate; knit more" don't have to reverse knit.

See you on the other side of the week and hope it's a good one for you.     >^..^<

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Yay ... Photos!

I install one thing to stop all those unwanted adds from loading and slowing things down ... and looks like it may have wanted to block me loading pics ... so temporarily 'disable' and we're up and loading.

Another storm just passed over and we still have power ... win win!

Off to make a cuppa and continue with the next dish cloth ...

How Did That Happen?

Wow for OPAM November ... I have several finishes this month ... I'm thanking the craft fairies for sprinkling something magic around ... it's the only reason I can think of.

Earlier this month I finished 3 small projects I began in September, the tea cosy and 2 teddies. Then I knitted up the blue 'Christmas Story' dishcloth.

On Monday I made it to our patchwork group day and made 6 small Christmas ornaments, stitching the buttons on at home that night.

Also thanks to Friday night's storm and the power going out for over 40 hours ... I have the green 'Christmas Story dishcloth finished.

Of course now just when I have something to share ... my pictures don't want to load into my blog!

Off to boil the kettle and have a coffee ... maybe they'll load later?  Hope your weekend has been gremlin free     >^..^<