Saturday, 12 July 2014

My Week in Pictures

Sunday - trimmed block #11 ... Mum and Dad arrived for a few days visit.

Monday - Mum and I went into our patchwork day. I revisited a crochet started ? years back.

 Mum made 6 cards from a kit purchased from the Brisbane Craft Fair.

Tuesday - Weeding and planting some new broms. 
DD arrived for a few days visit.

Wednesday - DD started making a shaggy quilt for her nephew.

Thursday - Shopping, visiting and introduced baby Jake to his Great Great Grandma.
My grandma (97 years young), mum, myself, DS and DIL and baby Jake ... 5 generations!

Friday - Millie thanks Junior (DD's dog) for visiting and playing with her. Come back soon!

Quilt almost finished - about 1/4 of binding to go!

Saturday - warming by the fire ... toys and all!

Later when the day warmed up ... "Will you play with me Jayne?"

Saturday, 5 July 2014

FNWF Review

Friday night ... football ... and friends = a great night. Not that I pay much attention to the footy really, just glance at the score now and then.  My main focus was on ...

Hopping around some blogs today, I've seen lots of lovely projects. Thank you Cheryll for hosting a lovely night and to see more hop over here.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Plugging Along and FNWF

Yippee! It's the first Friday of the month this Friday and I'm 2 days early!  Usually I remember on the day and do a quick scurry to get ready ... maybe this means I'll be super organized ... or not. If you click on over to our lovely host Cheryll you can sign up for a great night with friends ...

Meanwhile, I am still plugging along with my farm animal blocks for bubby's quilt ... usually finding a little time at night to add a few more blanket stitches.  "Mr Ed" is all finished and safe in his stable while "Missy Mouse" has had a last minute addition ... I forgot her whiskers.

Time for a few more blanket stitches on block number 11 ... almost there.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

FNSI Sqeezed In

I managed a bit of a head start Friday afternoon .... once dinner was prepared and ready for the oven .... because DD and her fiancee were visiting for the night.

So the next 2 blocks of LMF have made it to the farmyard and I  made a start on block no. 10 after dinner.

Tweety Bird - block 8

Missy Mouse - block 9

This sweet little bundle will be the recipient of this quilt once it all comes together.

I seem to be a bit of a "post and dash" type blogger lately but am hoping for a bit slower pace once school holidays start in one weeks time ... with lots more cuddles ... and lots of blog hopping too.


Friday, 20 June 2014


Dinner is ready in the oven ... sewing basket is set up in the lounge room ... I'm ready!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Beautiful Surprise

Not due until the 7th of July, our precious first grandchild decided he was ready for the big wide world.

Jake Owen 
6lb 10oz
June 11, 2014
6.00 am

Mother, baby and father are all doing well with a little extra care for baby Jake while he builds up his strength. We couldn't be prouder and look forward to spoiling this little man. Sewing will resume shortly...I have a quilt to get finished!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

June FNWF Report

Friday night was a great night spent with friends from all over ... thank you Cheryll for getting us all together.
Someone wasn't giving up her spot so I just had to work around her. At least now she doesn't try to eat the threads ... quite happy to sleep the night away and I can just reach the threads and a nice warm cuppa to my left.

Gertrude Goose all finished and in the barn (draw) with the other farm animals.

Yesterday I managed to finish preparing block 8 and also prepared blocks 9 and 10 so they're all awaiting some hand applique in the evenings. Tomorrow is our little groups patchwork day so I should get some good progress made in between the chatting and catching up.

Another full week ahead so I need to get my backside into gear today with perhaps a little stitching at lunch time if I'm lucky.

Have a beautiful Sunday     >^..^<

Friday, 6 June 2014

A Whirlwind A Week

Seems that each week has it's own little whirlwind that finally settles down with the coming of the weekend again.  This week was our annual visit to Farmfest at Kingsthorpe near Toowoomba. A great opportunity to see all things for farming / primary production in one place for easy comparison and pricing.  The best part (don't tell hubby I said that) is meeting up with my lovely friend Fiona for a chat over a coffee and something extra yummy and a stroll along the isles. I pinched this pic from Fiona's blog as I'm not that clever with phones.

Just goes to show how excited I was about our catch up. Of course time went way too fast but if I play my cards right, we might just have another catch up in September.

After washing and folding all day, and suppose I better do some ironing shortly, it will be time to sit down and relax with friends for ...

Good thing I was checking a few blogs between washing loads this morning or I would have missed it again. Still working on my LMF blocks ... bubby is due in 1 month and our excitement is building.

Happy Stitching     >^..^<

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Snippet of My Week

Tuesday morning off to work at 7.30 am. That spec under the tree is our mailbox and the road bends just ahead. The fog was very heavy almost all the way which made for a slow trip. Tuesday was followed by more work and more work.

Friday was town day and we also squeezed in a quick visit to the Bundaberg Show.  From my 9 entries in the pavilion I managed 2 thirds, 2 seconds and 2 firsts.  Pretty chuffed with the results (mine is the floral chenille bag top middle)

Saturday another trip to work for a weekend workshop and with some stitching at night time, I finished the 'woof' on this little fellow this morning.

This little lady has grown so much and is now 4 months old. Her poor cuddle toy cops some rough treatment now but he's always there for her at night.

Now I'm off for a cuppa and a biscuit. Hope your weekend has included some creative time.  You might like to check out what's been going on this weekend in Chooky's chookshed. Sounds like one great party and sorry I had to miss it!


Sunday, 25 May 2014

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

At least that's what it feels like this month ... I just don't seem to be able to keep in a forward motion but I am making small steps in the right direction.

First I finished off another dish cloth to add to mum's gift for Mothers Day. 

My computer went to the Dr for a day trip and ended up staying there for a week before I could get back to town to pick it up. On the up side these 2 golden sheenas got a much needed pruning.

Another 2 blocks for LMF are in the completed pile.

A visit from a cruel stomach bug has wiped out the last week and food is still not high on my agenda. Hubby had a visit from the bug a couple of days after me so things have been very steady around seemed to sap every last ounce of energy. Poor Millie thinks we're both very boring and has taken to dragging her bed around the house for something to do.

Yesterday I pottered about with some fabric and prepared another 1 and a half LMF blocks (ran out of vliesofix). Then dug out a tea towel, a fat 1/4 and 2 buttons and made these hand towels for my Christmas Gift Box. I can see more getting made thanks to Cheryll's tutorial.

If you visit our 1 Xmas Item a Month blog you'll find lots of great gift and decoration ideas from the clever Elves.

My plan is to put my feet up and do some more blanket stitch applique today...what are your weekend plans?