Saturday, 18 July 2015


That's right ... sunny Queensland and snow don't usually belong in the same sentence but ... this wind is definitely coming straight off the snow that has fell in spots of southern Queensland. What else is one to do but stay indoors by the fire and snow sew ... especially as it was time for

While dinner was in the oven I cut, pressed and pinned the small peeper border for NJ.  Once the border was complete it was onto preparing for another project

Looking forward to some embroidery after all that needleturn. 'My Stitching Things' by Michelle Ridgway was in the last Country Threads Mag I borrowed from the town library ... now to choose some colours and sit by the fire.

Here's a sweet pic of GS keeping warm while out for a stroll last weekend.

Stitch and be happy     >^..^<

Sunday, 5 July 2015

FNWF How Does Your Garden Grow?

Thanks Cheryll for having us all over last Friday night ... was a bit chilly so my fingers needed warming around a nice warm cuppa before I could get started.

My NJ garden is waiting for an early spring for some colour. The left and right smaller branches/leaves are stitched and the centre branches/leaves are in place ready for needle and thread.

Then I couldn't help myself and started playing with all the pieces cut ready and waiting to "Spring" into action. There's a lot of work for July but I'm excited with how it's starting to look. A few more fabric pieces to choose yet.

While it's school holiday time, hubby and I have been spending time in the outdoor garden. Time for my tired rose bed to have a spruce up with some new roses to go in and fill the gaps. New edge ... new dirt ... and a good prune.

The drought had taken it's toll on the gardens and this next one had several trees that didn't make it. Then the grass and weeds took over so a big clean-up was called for.

More pruning over the next week on another garden bed but mainly just tidy up stuff. My NJ centre block will also start to bloom over the next few weeks.

Happy Gardening     >^..^<

Monday, 29 June 2015

Technologically Challenged

Your help, opinions and tips on the matter of IPads, Tablets etc would be most welcomed. The little I've looked into making a purchase of one or the other, the more confusing I find it and would love to be armed with a bit more knowledge before parting with my hard earned cash.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

FNSI and My June

With an early start on my Fri-day-Night Sew-In and a close call with my beef stew (just caught it before it reached the point of 'too caramelized') ... I finished off the night with a browse through a couple of magazines ... sewing ones of course.

I began by finishing the last big block and giving my ladybugs some detail for NJ's June blocks. Then pressed and trimmed.

This centre piece is for block 2 of AMCG ... now finished, pressed and trimmed.

Lastly I cut and placed the fabric to piece together for the centre block background of NJ. The sewing happened this morning so now I'm ready to select scrap fabrics for the appliques.

Waaaayyy back at the beginning of June hubby and I traveled about 4 1/2 hours south where I planned to meet up with this lovely lady for our annual stroll around Farmfest and all it's agriculture displays... but really it's about catching up, enjoying a coffee and yummy treat ... thanks Fiona, time went far too quickly.

An extra special treat this year with Lee Kernighan performing.

Homeward bound and then off again to help this gorgeous little man celebrate his first birthday. Every man needs a work vehicle.

As well as the usual driving to and from work, housework etc, we carried out a full muster and weaned any older calves.  Millie might travel to and from the cattle yards in style, but when she's up there, she likes to hang out with the working dogs and watch the proceedings.

Just one more week and then school holidays ... can't wait!


Sunday, 31 May 2015

Party Time ...

To celebrate the Chookshed's 3rd Birthday ... Chooky is throwing a party!  I sent my virtual acceptance and have been snapping up some sewing time here and there over the weekend. Not an easy task when asked; "can you just come over to the cattle yards and give us a bit of a hand". Perhaps if I put a movie on shortly I can finish organising these scraps for Natures Journey ...

and stitch the last leaves, 2 pears, 3 berries and bird's tail and wing on this Merry Christmas Garden block.
From it's bare beginnings ...

to currently ...

There was also some baking of a chocolate mud cake but there's not enough of it left to photograph with Hubby and DD about.

Thanks for the invite Chooky ... it's been a very enjoyable weekend.

Monday, 25 May 2015

I'm In Shock!

Are you?  I've never gone sooo long without something to share and am shocked that it's been a whole month! But stitching away a little each night I managed to finish the May blocks for "Natures Journey".

(On looking back I noticed I hadn't even shared my completed April blocks)

Then out came the knitting needles and a ball of wool ... a few rows each night and ... a dishcloth.

First one to put away in the 'gift box' ready for Christmas.  Now with a few more days before June, I'm going to make a start on the June blocks for NJ ... looking ahead there is going to be a lot of work to keep up!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Still Here

Forget long long time ago ... I'm beginning to think it was in a galaxy far far away ... one where time was mine to distribute as I chose. For now I'm content with an important finish and a little bit of bragging.

'Little Jakes Farm' is finally a completed quilt and ready to hand over.

Just in the nick of time to enter into our local show and proudly showing off a Champion ribbon.

So far I have managed to keep up with my 'Natures Journey' blocks for Feb and March ... April is winding up quickly and this is my progress to date.

Blanket stitching is completed and I have all the little pieces cut out ready for needle turning ... one finish each night should get me there but now I've just realized I need to make stems yet.

There is no accounting for Jayne's choice of sleeping spot the other day ... if I water it, will it grow? (No plants were harmed)

Fleur has her permanent warm sunny spot ready for the colder weather.

Oh for a cat's life     >^..^<

Monday, 30 March 2015

A Long Long Time Ago

I seemed to have much more time for everything ... but that was a long long time ago.  Either time is speeding up or I'm getting older and slower or busier or all 3?

Just made it with my March blocks for Natures Journey ... happier with my needle turn but there's room for improvement.

My progress for block 2 of Merry Christmas Garden ... more needle turn.

The wool is still in the bag but I did get "Little Maccas Farm" quilt back from the quilters (decided to have this one professionally quilted because its extra special and to save time) so I'm machine sewing the binding on the front this afternoon ... just the hand stitching of binding and adding a label to go!

Special month for mum and me ... we both celebrated "0" birthdays and enjoyed a lovely lunch with family.

Time to dash and get this binding on ... hope you have a great week.


Saturday, 7 March 2015

About Time?

Basically between 'not enough time' and 'can't be bothered' there isn't much to blog about around here. The basics are covered ... we eat and we wear clean clothes and just enough house work is done to call the place respectable. Once I get to sit down at night, either my eyes are too sore or I'm too tired to stitch. Not grumbling ... just how it is.

I did have some lovely mail that I had forgotten to share and also a purchase ready for some cooler weather (one can hope for cooler weather!). There's a blog book for every year I've been blogging and they're great at Christmas time when the kids go looking through them. The centre book is 2014 and my first book (top left - blue) spans 18 months.

The wool is a cotton blend to make some more knitted dish cloths ... I'll never use store bought again if I can help it ... love my cloths and DD has ordered some more too.

When I do stitch I'm working on 'Merry Christmas Garden' block 2 or 'Natures Journey' for March now. Funny how years ago I tried needle turn embroidery, hated it, and said I'd never do it again. Fast forward and here I am doing needle turn for both these projects ... and enjoying it!  Never say never as time, helpful hints and new products can turn things around.

Blogging has also suffered a downturn and while I don't often comment these days, I still manage a quick skip through blogland and try to keep up with everyone's happenings. Now I need to go take photos of my blog books and wool so I can have some pictures in this post. Then it's lunch time and I might just get to sit down and do a little sewing.

Enjoy your weekend and make a little time to stitch.     >^..^<