Sunday, 3 December 2017

December Traditions

Once upon a time when my children were little, a tradition began. We always waited until the first weekend in December to put any Christmas decorations up ... roll the clock forward almost 3 decades and

with Christmas Carols filling the air, Grandson J and I have been busy spreading cheer throughout our home.

For each day during the month of November , DD and I decluttered an equal number of "things" ie: on the 1st, 1 item, on the 2nd, 2 items and so on all the way to 30 items on the 30th. At first it was daunting and again getting towards the biggest numbers ... but it only takes the right storage cupboard and it was easy peasy. Now must of my cupboards have been emptied and re-organized ... oh what a feeling!

Decisions have been made and steps taken to also declutter life in general so we're ready to take on whatever 2018 has in store. But let's not rush through December, I have some stitching to catch up on ... one more week of paid work ...

I did manage one finish for November.

Enjoying the sound of rain on the roof ... time for a relaxing cuppa.

Friday, 17 November 2017


Somehow, November has turned into a month of 'decluttering'.  Not just my home but my mind and soul.

The month started as any other month ... lots to do ... not enough time ... blah blah blah. I had borrowed a book from our local library about stress-busting and actually took some time to start reading. (and actually finished it) My daughter introduced me to an online forum which is basically bringing yourself back to you. Then together we took on a challenge to declutter X amount of 'things' each day for the month of November. Of course what does one do when you have a lot on?  Take on something else ... another online 4-week program regarding finances.

Usually by this time of year the stress level has maxed and I'm hanging out for the end of the school term and all it's crazy end of year to-do's. Not much time then to prepare for Christmas, make plans, clean the house etc. This year ... at this present time ... feeling unusually cool, calm and collected. Big decisions made ... ready to tackle those last minute whatevers. 

For now, November goals for crafty stuff have been set aside and I can accept not meeting those deadlines. Maybe they'll get done by the end of the month and maybe they won't and that's OK.

Catching a breather.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

A FNSI Finish

Hot off the knitting needles this evening and ready for the kitchen sink ... a less than fine ending for a pretty cloth but someones got to do the dishes.

Loving this pattern given to me by a friend ... quick and simple enough. I had knitted half on Friday night and finished it this afternoon. Now for a blog hop to see what other friends have been creating.

Friday, 20 October 2017

FNSI After a Wet Week

Wow, what a deluge!  Here on the Queeensland coast our parched lands have been once again flooded...seems we just keep bouncing from floods to drought and back to floods. We received 8 inches of beautiful rain which has filled the dams and tanks as well as boosted the brown dry grasses back to a healthy looking green. Areas closer to the coast received over 20 inches.

Nothing like good rain to bring forth new growth.

Of course that much water has run the creeks and rivers and we're once again locked in by flooded roads ... good thing I have several projects on the go to keep me busy. In fact I have managed to finish my October list ...

So as it is FNSI time with Wendy and friends, I have dug out a ball of cotton and knitting needles ...

I'm in desperate need of a new dishcloth for myself.
Happy Friday

Monday, 9 October 2017

Saturday, 7 October 2017

FNWF Results

The night always goes too quickly when spending time with friends.

Some more stitching tonight and I hope to finish these off tomorrow, then I can move on with October tasks. Thank you Cheryll and friends xx

Friday, 6 October 2017


What's on my radar for some sewing with lovely friends tonight? Let me see ...

Still have a bit to do for September on my version of Ruth's Quilt. Then there's my October block for AHCC and a Calendar Bear for October to trace and stitch ... plenty to keep me busy. That still leaves the October stitcheries for R'sQ ... lots to choose from to make me happy. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

September Extension

September Calendar Bear is only 2 days late.

I have also made a small start on my Black/White "Ruths Quilt" stitching ... once the first 3 are done I can move on with October plans.

We've finally been able to enjoy a wet weather day with showers all day ... just over 2 inches in the rain gauge.

Back to hitting the road for work again tomorrow with school starting back. My stitching projects are prepped ready for evening relaxation. Not much crafting has happened over the last fortnight with kids and grandsons keeping me busy and entertained ... time goes too fast.

Find some time for YOU this week.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

FNSI and Sunday Stitching

Thanks to all the lovely friends who join in for a Friday night of sewing, I was able to finish the embroidery on my August block for A.H.C.C.

Then last night I traced the stitchery on the September block and enjoyed a Sunday Stitch In today ... officially caught up on this Stitch-a-long, yay!

Thank you for your lovely company ... always an enjoyable evening knowing friends all over are sewing/stitching too xx

Friday, 15 September 2017

FNSI and Some Catch Up

Continuing on with getting back into the swing of sewing, I'm joining in with Wendy and friends over HERE for FNSI.

DD is visiting and brought her knitting, I'll be stitching on my August block for A Holly Jolly Christmas. I finished the machine applique for both August and September last weekend.

Leave a draw open for a moment and someone is quick to move in.

August Calendar Bear is tucked away with her friends, if only I needed my umbrella more often.

So, what do you do when sewing time becomes harder to find and you're trying to play catch up on current projects and sew-a-longs? ... Join another group of course. I couldn't help myself and when my best friend had this book sitting on her shelf

I  started thinking of some black/white fat quarters I have been collecting and asked to join with the No Fuss Stitch-a-long HERE.

Not sure if its the best colourway to go with but I'm keen to have a play and see.

Off to mop the floors and see to tonights dinner so I can stitch guilt free.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Friday Night Result

A good thing I got a head start Friday, not as much time Friday night for stitching as I would have liked.  August Bear had to wait for today to find his head.

Busy busy in the kitchen this afternoon ... roast dinner and vanilla cupcakes for dessert. Happy Fathers' Day to all the dads and father figures xx aren't loading!  Edit:  Sorted 👔👞🎁

Friday, 1 September 2017


Getting in early with a little bit of preparation.

Spring Into Sewing With Friends

Friday is here so it's time to Spring into action with Cheryll and Friends for a sewing good time. Click on the FNWF badge on your right to visit...there's still time.

I have a lot of August projects to catch up on as well as meet the September goals ... best get crackin'.

Monday, 28 August 2017

August All But Gone

Just like my rose garden ...

There's only so much water one can share with the livestock as once again the rain didn't "Tumble Down in July" or for that matter any other month either.  So the rose garden has been let go, rose bushes gave up, grass encroached and the edging has been removed. The part of the garden I am trying to keep going has had a long needed pruning and a drink.

The bush on the right has a pigeon nesting deep in the middle so it can wait until she raises her babies.

Anything sewing or stitching related has also gone by the wayside this month ... no progress what-so-ever to share ... so I'm going to have to double my efforts for September, aren't I?

Till Spring has sprung (next month)

Monday, 14 August 2017

Days Go By

I've lost track of how many times I have thought to post on my blog, only to be sidetracked by one thing or another, none of it craft stuff.

If it hasn't been BAS or Tax time, it's meeting "requirements" and "red tape" to run a property, then there's the off-farm work to make ends meet.  On the bright side, a full muster means quality time with DS and Grandson J.

It's a big job for a little man and tucker time is a very important part of the day. He is such an awesome little helper.

These babies will soon be reunited with mums.

Muster over and quick trip north (4.5 hour drive) and an overnight catch-up with DD and Grandson P. My parents came along for the trip and were thrilled to visit with this cheeky, happy little man.

I'm afraid there really isn't any sewing/stitching to show. My August Calendar Bear still needs tracing and my August block for A Holly Cottage Christmas is assembled and awaiting some appropriate fabric for the candy canes before I can applique.  I did pick up a crochet rug while mum was here in case I needed a refresher course.

Almost 2 weeks now since we had to say goodbye to one of my fur babies Fleur.  Age and illness dictated that it was the kind although extremely hard thing to do.

R.I.P. sweet girl .... 

Fleur  1998 ~ 2017

And days go by ... I can feel 'em flyin'  ~  Keith Urban

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Flying Friday Nights

Friday nights come flying around so quickly it seems ... a good thing as it's a joy to stitch with virtual friends. Tomorrow night is FNwF @ Cheryll's so do pop over and say hello.

I'm having DS and Grandson J visiting to help with our muster but I hope to manage some stitching.

Friday, 21 July 2017


Tonight's the night ... stitching? or crochet? ... that is the question. 

Pop over here to squeeze in like me :)

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Block by Block

Seems my projects are all progressing block by block at the moment ... at least there is progress ... just no finished flimsy in sight for a while.

July Calendar Bear

A Holly Cottage Christmas - June Block

AHCC - July Block

Only half way through July ... what else can I work on I wonder?