Saturday 8 June 2024


 Perfect weather for working with wool and a crochet hook. 

Perfect company on a Friday night with virtual Friends ... thankyou ... drop by via the link on my right sidebar and see what everyone else was working on.

Saturday 25 May 2024

A Moment in May

 I'm grabbing this moment in what has been a very busy May, for a quick wrap up. Work called at the start of the month and asked if I could cover for 3 weeks. Then I'm having grandsons next week which means school bus run with one and entertaining the other ... plenty of gardening planned as he loves to be outdoors. 

#5 Challenge piece has progressed. These are the 1st two weeks of Row 4 plus week 3 is also done. Each row consists of 6 weeks.

I also continued on with the #9 knitted rug and just need to join the two halves now and add some tassles.

My DD had the same wool kit and passed it on to me so now I'm crocheting another rug in this zig zag pattern after a lesson from my mother.

This is a project I can work on next week once the grandies are sound asleep ... I don't expect much else will be touched but that's perfectly fine ... love spending time with the grandsons 🥰

Back to the crochet.

Wednesday 1 May 2024

April Wrap - May Challenge

It was a late start to Challenge #9 but the knitting needles have been clicking away and it's coming along fairly quickly.  I'm on the home stretch but with approx. 200 stitches (and still increasing) on the circular needles, it takes me time to get a row done ... I'm not the world's fasted knitter.

Another finished quilt top has been added to the pile.  Just a lot of scraps and an idea of how to put them together ... very happy with how it all worked out.

Now with a promise to complete #9 in May ... the number for Chookshed Challenge May is .......... #5 - Temperature Quilt.

I've just finished Row 3 for 2024 which took us up to April 27. 

I do also have my 2023 Temp Quilt which just needs borders ... so ... Challenge Accepted.

Off to make some lunch ... have a beautiful Wednesday

Tuesday 16 April 2024

A Finish or 2 of Sorts

 The Chookshed Challenge was just what I needed ... thank you ladies. I've kept working on a couple and have finishes to share. 

Challenge 2 - 'Crochet Rug' - Finished

Challenge 4 - "Strip Insertion Quilt" - Finished Top

I have to admit to stalling on this month's challenge but I did work out the new crochet pattern I mentioned. 

And then there's Row 2 of my 2024 Temperature Quilt 

Of course the recent school holidays meant Sleepovers with Masters 10 and 4 who love helping with the cattle work. This particular morning tea menu was pikelets and mug cakes. 

So that's a little catch up on April and I still have time to work on the current Challenge #9.

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Chookshed Challenge #9

My #9 project is a crochet rug... lucky the weather is cooler.

The rug I had in mind is actually knitted so I will possibly do a little more on it ... it's done in 2 semicircles and one is finished.

However it so happens I recently came across another crochet rug pattern and am keen to give it a try...once I finish my edge to edge crochet rug which is so close.

Sunday 31 March 2024

Challenge #4 Nice Surprise

Finally had a day for sewing and made the last 4 blocks for Stip Insertion.

Once all joined it was time for the borders. Of course being a UFO for many years ... I no longer have the dark green dyed fabric and will have to source some more. 

Surprise, surprise! I never expected to still have the main floral fabric lying around ... imagine my shock when I spotted it while digging for the green and yellow. So happy with that great find.

Thank you for this challenge ladies ... not long now to find out April's number.

Monday 18 March 2024

Challenge #4 Progressing

Big thank you to Deana and Chooky for this Challenge.  It's been just what I needed to quick into gear and move some projects along.

No power Saturday was a bit of a drag so I did some crochet on #2 and am about to 'turn the corner' with it. After lunch I grabbed out a square of fabric and some strips and prepped to make a practice block for 'Strip Insertion' ... just to make sure I could still do it.  Power back and block complete.

Then Sunday I was out in the van, completed blocks 9 - 12 and then put blocks 1 - 12 together ... now to work on the last 4 blocks basically from scratch.

It's supposed to have a border of the main fabric but finding that will be pretty much impossible ... I will have to come up with an alternative.

Sadly I missed out on some lovely Zoom time Saturday ... no power = no internet and very limited phone service ... boil the kettle and fill the flask so there was coffee, snacks and crafting.

Busy week this week with work and town but I'm looking forward to another finished flimsy ... have a great week.

Saturday 16 March 2024

Unearthed Mystery

At the start of the month, while I was looking for my #2 Strips project, I unearthed a small plastic container and dared to peak.  If I'm being honest, there's more than one small plastic container in a large tub but one at a time.

This particular one contained fabric already cut into strips of varying lengths and sorted into sets, each with a 2.5" square ... and about seven 6.5" blocks already sewn.  Last patchwork day I had a last minute change of project, packed the sewing machine and got to joining those sets into more blocks.

Yesterday I finished sewing the last few blocks, auditioned some fabrics for a border and ... hey presto. Finished size is 42" square ... a nice size for a lap quilt to keep me warm in front of the TV. I have no idea how long it has sat hidden away but I'm pleased to have a completed top.

Now on with the Strip Insertion Quilt ... I've managed to track down the pattern. We're having a planned power outage for maintenance today so I'm rushing to get a few jobs down; fill the hot water flask for future cuppas; pressed this top; quick vacuum and then I can sit outside in the sunlight and do some handwork.

Happy Weekend

Saturday 2 March 2024

FNWF - Strip Insertion #2

Another little treasure hunt last night and ... project found! Still pinned to a flannelette sheet and folded up where I left it. Just unfolded and draped over the sofa.

UPDATE after a press: 1/2 of the blocks done, 1/4 of  blocks half done and 1/4 of blocks waiting.

I had also remembered and signed up for FNWF but after all day with a headache I had to call it an early night. I so wanted to get these blocks pressed and layed out better ... hopefully today.

Temperature Quilt 2024 - January

Friday 1 March 2024

February Challenge Wrap

I better get a quick update in before we launch into March Challenge. 

There was some progress on #2 ... a few more rows. It was just a nice day for procrastinating while chatting with friends and browsing a few magazines ... patchwork ones of course.

I wonder what the March number will be?