Saturday 2 March 2024

FNWF - Strip Insertion #2

Another little treasure hunt last night and ... project found! Still pinned to a flannelette sheet and folded up where I left it. Just unfolded and draped over the sofa.

UPDATE after a press: 1/2 of the blocks done, 1/4 of  blocks half done and 1/4 of blocks waiting.

I had also remembered and signed up for FNWF but after all day with a headache I had to call it an early night. I so wanted to get these blocks pressed and layed out better ... hopefully today.

Temperature Quilt 2024 - January

Friday 1 March 2024

February Challenge Wrap

I better get a quick update in before we launch into March Challenge. 

There was some progress on #2 ... a few more rows. It was just a nice day for procrastinating while chatting with friends and browsing a few magazines ... patchwork ones of course.

I wonder what the March number will be?

Sunday 18 February 2024

Number #2 for Challenge

 Wow!  No thanks to the 'flu bug' that took it's toll on both hubby and I. He started a couple days before me but we've both been down and out for a fortnight. Then it's taken another week to feel like I'm back to normal ...

So what's been happening at my place? Nothing!  I did check at the start of the month which item was my #2 for the Chookshed Challenge and finally dug it out this morning.

I'm taking it with me to Patchwork Day tomorrow to work on ... I'll pop back with a progress pic.

It's a little hard to see but 2 of the colours I'm using are a cream and a very pale pink.

I have also had to change my #7 from Calendar Quilt to Scrappy Quilt after I finished the calendar quilt to a top ... but I have no shortage of projects to choose from.

Now for some Blog hopping ... Enjoy your Sunday

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Nature, Scraps and Memories

Last Thursday, these baby Willy Wagtails left their nest. Mum and Dad had been very busy raising them and continue to feed them as I've spotted them around the house since.  This is their second brood, the first nest built just outside our back door ... parents would get quite upset when we kept walking past so ... they actually pulled their first nest apart and rebuilt on the other side of the house where it was much quieter.

My crepe myrtle seems to be late blooming this year but has certainly put on a beautiful show. 

Last seam sewn today and "Calendar Quilt" is a completed TOP. I had to scroll way back through the blog to find where I first posted.  Commenced in 2009, it involved 1" strips for each day of each month so there are 365 different fabrics in this quilt. Quilting friends donated scraps here and there and I can see many past projects in these scraps.  In my defence, I finished the months in that year and just couldn't decide what to use as the sashings. As a UFO Challenge in 2018, I decided on the 4 patch set on point and made about half ... then it was back to storage. My thoughts once quilted (don't hold your breath) I'll bind in a red.

Another on my 'to do' list is Lucy Boston and I did say this would be my Zoom project ... so I've decided it can also be my project for our local patchwork days ... saves me having to think of projects, pack the sewing machine and everything else etc.

Update on the Temperature Quilt ... I've sewn the 2nd half of the geese ranging from 21deg to 40deg at the top. Just waiting for the final instructions.

Finally, my blog book arrived ... again 2 years in one as my blogging has gone by the wayside. This mother possum and her baby hold special memories. In the middle of town, beside a busy roadway. this mother found a quite garden in hospital grounds, to make her home and raise her baby. 

Nature never ceases to amaze. 

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Basting #6 and Sleepovers

 Monday came and I stayed on track, taking 'Pond Play' to patchwork and getting it sandwiched ready for quilting. This is my #6 for the Chookshed Challenge.

Looking back through my blog, I found the pattern was from the "9 Patch Pizzaz" book and named 'Pond Play'.

Tuesday our son and 2 grandsons arrived to help with mustering. Master M had his  birthday Monday so there was time for present opening first. Here he is running to open the gate for Pa.

Of course they get to sleep over a few nights so any sewing will be delayed ... but for the nicest reason.

Sunday 7 January 2024


Pleased to say I was able to join in on Friday night with a little bit of cutting, pinning and sewing. Thanks to Cheryll and Friends for company, I managed half of the required flying geese for the border. These show the temperatures from 1 deg to 20 deg (top to bottom).

I'm not sure yet if there is a plain border in between but it will be the grey border top and bottom of the quilt.

Off to Patchwork tomorrow with my "Fish Pond" in hand.

Friday was Master P's birthday ... we visited today and delivered his present. He loves growing plants so now he has his very own 'garden' with new strawberry and tomato plants ... Happy Growing.

Wednesday 3 January 2024

A Good Start

 #6 was chosen for January for Chooky and Deana's Challenge so ....

At least I knew where to find my "Fishpond" wall hanging and the backing.

Top completed in 2010, I'm good at finishing tops, not great at finishing all the way.

Our first patchwork day is next Monday so it's going with me to baste.

I was in the craftervan yesterday and finished December. Then proceeded to add it to Oct/Nov and joined those to the rest of 2023. My Temperature Quilt needs the border next.

Love how the colours have turned out. The lowest and highest temp for each of the 365 days and the border will show how the colour relates to a temp.

Happy Sewing

Monday 1 January 2024


 Starting the year off  with some more beautiful rain ... we have been missing out and the dams are in need of some good runoff.

May 2024 bring you peace and happiness.

Sunday 31 December 2023

And With That

 To round off the year, here are the months of October and November for my Temperature Quilt.

December is looking very red with heatwave temps. Stay safe if impacted by storms and enjoy your New Years' Eve be it out celebrating or like me, the celebrations will be behind closed eyelids.

Friday 29 December 2023

A Little Christmas

 It's always nice to have some handmade projects on display at Christmas.

Santa wall hanging is one of my very first projects and the larger wall hanging a more recent finish. The hand towels were whipped up the week before.