Sunday, 29 June 2008

Pass the Paracetamol Please

Well, last Friday came and went and I didn't make it to Patchwork day. Thursday I could feel it coming on and sure enough Friday morning woke up with an A grade head cold. Luckily, my brother phoned to say he would be in town and could bring DS home for the weekend, so I spent Friday with the tissue box.

I did manage to pull out some fabrics for the first of my 5 to be finished by end July. I'll call this "project 1" as it's for a competition and I don't think I can show anything about it till after the judging. Yesterday I was able to get some sewing done and the top is about 2/3 finished.

Today my plan is to finish piecing the top for "project 1" and make a good start on my Four Seasons Summer quilt.

If you're like me and could use a pretty tidy bin, Sarah's Crafty Nook is giving one away to celebrate her 100th post.

Back to the sewing machine.


  1. Oh poor you. I've just recovered from a summer head cold. there's lots of sympathy coming your way.

    Love and hugs gina xxx

  2. I know how you are feeling!! I hate head colds...your head feels like a bomb is gonna go off!! Bring on the drugs I say. Get better soon. Jo x

  3. Oh, I hope you're feeling better now. I had the flu last week too, it was HORRIBLE!!! I'm with jojo, bring on the drugs.. LOL!!!

    Jodie :)