Sunday, 31 August 2008

Some Sewing Progress

Just a quick post to show some sewing progress. A lovely lady has donated four embroideries for a "Girls' Night In" function in Mt. Perry to raise funds for cancer research. I'm making one of them into a small wall hanging. The top is complete, just needs quilting and a binding.

This is the infamous Queen Bed Quilt in my WIP list. Several years in the making, it's been something to work on when the mood was right. So I laid it out on a bed to see what it needs to finish it, which isn't much. Just some hand sewing on ric rac around the border piece and complete those english patchwork pieces and attach them. Only four of those to finish now.

While I won't be posting my bag tomorrow like others, I only have a little hand sewing to do on the bag and on the little extra something.

Just realized it's SPRING here tomorrow.

Quilting Wishes


  1. love your stitchery and your quilt its lovely.
    Hugs Mary.

  2. that stichery looks mighty fine, oh my that quilt I think from what I see will look stunning,'cheers vickie

  3. What beautiful work you do! Lucky you to get spring tomorrow...we are going into fall...but I like fall too, so I guess it's okay...I just don't like the cold. =)

  4. Hello Narelle, I love the look of your Queen Bed Quilt.I have been longing for Spring. Regards Lyn

  5. I love the quilt! I did a king size quilt once. It took a solid Alaska winter, with not much else to do. I could still hand-quilt it in a few spots, but I use it as it is.