Sunday, 19 October 2008

A Break In Sewing

Wow, life seems to have stepped up a gear or two lately and there has been no sewing what-so-ever. I barely have time to check a few blogs now and then. I do have the plan for my ALQS2 in my head and an idea for my October postcard up there to, just need the time. Perhaps this Friday when I can get a few hours at patchwork group.

Wednesday afternoon while feeding the chooks, I noticed the moon and grabbed the camera. Two shots and then the batteries went flat.

Thursday afternoon I grabbed a moment to head outside with the camera (after recharging the batteries) while waiting for the storms that just went around us. My two girls like to wander about with me and race up the trees just because they can.

DS surprised us with a visit this weekend so this morning when I wasn't required at the cattle yards, I did some baking. DS takes one cake and some biscuits back with him for the week, and I've made up a care package of biscuits to send to DD at Uni.

When I finished the ironing, I pressed some pieces of fabric ready to cut into 2.5" strips for a table topper I'm making. If I'm lucky I'll get those cut this afternoon. Another busy week ahead.

Quilting Wishes


  1. Mmmmm a care package would go down well at my place it looks yummy LL.
    Hugs Mary.

  2. Do you want my address for a care package????? that baking looks delish!! I haven't started my ALQS2 partner has very specific like and dislikes and it has made deciding what to make "interesting"!! I will get there tho...I hope!! LOL

  3. lovely photos of the moon and the clouds.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. MMMMmmmm the cookies look so yummy, I really like your moon shots too.

  5. Hey & Hello there Narelle... Catching up on my Blog reading only 2 Months worth !!! Luvin' the Music...

  6. Thanks so much Narelle for your wonderful wishes also. Love the projects you have completed on your blog and yes I have to agree with everyone else, your baking looks scrummy. I am salivating just looking at the pics (lol). Should you like any of the details about my log cabin I'd be happy to share any info with you about it. Cackles 2U:=) D.