Saturday, 4 April 2009

Birthdays and Belated Christmas

Just having a break from sewing and thought I'd finish off my Birthday goodness pics.
My beautiful DD sent these fat 1/4's to add to my stash . . .

. . . and my best friend Kerry included a cute cat sculpture with her gift of fat 1/4's. Sorry it's not a good shot of the cat but he is there.

This exquisite table runner is my belated Christmas Gift. As we were both snowed under, we agreed that there was no deadline, and believe me, good things do come to those who wait.

Oh, I really am having trouble positioning these photos. There has to be gremlins in my computer, all the weird things it's been doing lately. Above is a close up of the quilting which is all over the fabric, bringing the blooms to life. (I've also worked out how to crop pictures with my photo program, now just need to get rid of the white backgrounds.)
Thankyou dear friend.
Now time for a cuppa and back to the sewing machine, or maybe the washing is dry enough to come in before the next downpour. Suppose I should start thinking about dinner tonight too.

Hope you've found some sewing time.


  1. Lots of Pretties there and I love the basket in your header!
    Hugs - lurline♥

  2. Yes I think the basket in the header is gorgeous !

  3. Is your header basket made of wool?
    It's so pretty!

    Happy belated Birthday to you! Sorry you were so sick :^(

    Enjoyed the pics of your goodies. Hope you're feeling 100% now.

  4. oh I just love the pic of the
    bag in your header
    did you make it
    my friend Bec sent me an email telling me about meeting you today at school
    lol yes she was rubbing it in oh well I hope to get to meet you one of these days as well
    I hope you get lots of stitching done over easter
    hugs Beth