Saturday, 30 May 2009

Happy Houses Home!

Look what the mailman brought me on Wednesday... my Happy Houses Swap organized by the lovely Lurline, thankyou.
They're all so sweet and have been made by Lynda, Chookyblue, Julie, Mistea, Cathy, Peg
and Toni (your address isn't working for me). I was also happy to see two of mine do a return was hard to let them go the first time.
If the purple house is yours, I'd love to know.

So now for a play with them and some ideas for joining. Looking forward to see what others do with their houses.
Getting up early is hard to do, but it does have it's benefits. Like this beautiful sunrise I snapped yesterday morning.

Again about half an hour later. The sun was up before me this morning ... well it is the weekend.

I also had another lovely surprise arrive in the mail this week, come back later for show and tell.


  1. Oh my gosh what a beautiful, beautiful sunrise xxx

  2. Hi Narelle,
    Oh yes such a beautiful sunrise.. I remember those... we used to get especially beautiful ones over the water on the dams as a kid.
    Just a gorgeous start to the day.

    Your happy houses are adorable!!
    this was such a happy cheeery swap.
    have fun with them.

    bounce bounce *grin*
    Robyn xx

  3. Sp happy your are happy, Narelle! Gorgeous pics of nature's beauty!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. enjoy the houses..........hope you like the chickens in the windows........
    great sunrise pic.........

  5. Its going to be interesting to see all the happy house quilt come together. Yours look lovely.