Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Small Finishes

They may not be big projects but they are finished projects.

This little pin cushion didn't take long at all ... made from 5" squares.

I made an ebay purchase of these red/white squares and thought I could make a machine cover to go with my red machine mat. A simple, quick method but I'm very happy with it. The cover has ties either end to keep it in place.

After seeing the wonderful matching set of machine accessories over here, I then decided on the pincushion and yet to come will be a little scraps basket. You really must take a look at this lovely blue set.

Back in July I started this pin cushion for Mrs Martin's Cyber Stitching Day. Now that I've signed up for another day in November, I told myself that I must finish this project first. It's a very clever pin cushion on top and a needle folder on the other side. I already have some needles in residence.

Slowly but surely I am still working on Esther's Red Delicious BOM. Here is my block 3 ... I will keep working on this in between all the other projects.

Hopefully another finish for today, my third Stitchers Angel gift, but that one will stay a secret until they all go to their new home in ....?
Have you noticed a new link on my side bar? I'm taking part in Finn's New Years Eve Challange again this year. I aim to complete one large UFO by then and any more will be bonuses.
Happy Sewing


  1. Love the ruffly bits - it all looks wonderful. That needle case is so pretty - must get mine done!

  2. Your red theme looks gorgeous Narelle. Love the pin cushion.
    I think we should kidnap that blue set for ourselves.

  3. Small finishes are still finishes and they are all so lovely too !

  4. Very pretty finishes and every finish is an achievement!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Hey Narelle, you're making wonderful progress!! You go girl :D

  6. I love your machine accessories, all those delicious reds/whites. Love both the pin cushions and the idea of it with a needle folder on the back is great, I hadnt thought of that one. hugs xxx

  7. Great small projects you've completed Narelle! Looking good! 8-)