Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sewing Holiday

If by my title you think that I am going on a sewing holiday, then I apologise for the mixed message.

I'm actually taking a holiday from sewing. Yes ... I've packed my sewing machine away and any bits and bobs that were spread around on the table with it. It started when I was all ready for Friday Night Sew-In and at 6.30pm our power went out along with about 4000 others. Candle light just wasn't enough so it was slap up dinner and off to bed early. A busy weekend followed, then work, then came my sewing day and my interest in sewing was nowhere to be found.

SO .... until my interest (or mojo) returns of it's own accord ... I'm on holiday ... hopefully not for too long but at the moment I'm not missing it.

In having prattled on above, I figure 'it' should return in plenty of time to take part in ALQS4. If you haven't heard about this before and would like to know more about it, then click on this link to read more. Kate is a wonderful hostess.

I have received some parcels in the mail over the past week and shall share their contents when all have arrived.


  1. hello Narelle,
    well we bloggers will certainly miss you, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and a break may be just what you need, especially with the scholl hols looming.

    You have a wonderful and deserved rest and I shall look forward to welcoming you back!!

    cheers, Shiree

  2. Hi Narelle,
    I know just how you feel, sometimes I go and look at my sewing things, sigh and walk away! You need to be in the mood!
    I hope your mojo comes back soon, Jessica

  3. Snap out of it girl! Only 5 days and you will be able to look into finding your mojo again. You probably tidied up and misplaced it in a neat place.
    That's why I don't tidy up too often I lose too many things.

  4. Hi Narelle - I have joined in ALQS4, too. I still have your little quilt from Round 2 hanging in my sewing room and think of you everytime I see it! Here's hoping your mojo returns. We all go through slumps!


  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and joining my give away. I am glad your break does not include browsing blogs :-D I usually just swop to a differnt craft for a while when my needle felting mojo is low.

  6. Don't be away too long. I know how you feel mine sits on the Kitchen table. One day I Will get my own sewing room.