Wednesday, 26 May 2010

One Flower Wednesdays

Still 4 hours left of my Wednesday and here I am. State of Origin Rugby League is on the TV but I have my priorities.

My OC got the better of me today so I had to pull out all the 2 1/2" squares and sort them roughly into colour groups. Then I laid out flowers already completed (9 of those); as well as the flower buds (hexies waiting to be made into flowers).

Funny how I thought I had lots of squares and yet when I make all these up, I will only have about 40 flowers plus one hexie of each fabric left over. Of course there is always the rest of my stash to dive into.

As well as sorting, I finished off two flowers that I had started quite a while back. I had sewn the petals to the centre so just needed to stitch between the petals. Which brings me to ask, how do you make your flowers up?

The blue flower at the top is today's NEW flower. Just freshly picked.

I'm really happy with my progress today. How does your garden grow?


  1. You have been busy Narelle sorting your fabrics. The blue flower is lovely. Pretty soft colours.

  2. What a lovely flowers Narell!! love the blue have picked some beautiful fabrics and colors...they all go so well together...good luck with the next hexies....
    greetings Francien.

  3. I do love your fabric choices - the dark centre really shows up the colours - wonderful

  4. Your blue flower is GORGEOUS.
    Isn't it eye-candy to see all these fabrics and flowers?
    All the best,

  5. Your flowers and the fabrics you used are just lovely. The one on the far right is just so sweet:)

  6. There is a lot of work before you get to piecing the flowers, but they are so beautiful! I piece mine together like you do. I attach all the petals to the center, then stitch the petals together. Some sew the center in last. I would think that would be a little difficult.

  7. It's a treat to my eyes to look at the fabrics. That will be pretty flowers! And I sew them together the same way you and Karen do. All the petals to the center, and then the petals together.

  8. hexies area ll the rage huh, great for winter stitching!

  9. What wonderful flowers you're putting together - and plenty of lovely fabrics still to come from the look of your squares :)

  10. Beautiful Narelle, I think this project definitely feeds the OC in me too!
    I love the sorting and arranging.
    I have been doing mine the same as you. I did see on the net one lady made all her petals in a ring then sewed the centre. Seemed more fiddly for me.
    Are you going to do a row of contrasting hexies around your flowers before putting together?

  11. Such pretty flowers , you will have a lovely quilt !!

  12. State of Origin was sooo wet.

    I like all the colors. I think the prep is the tedious part of hexagons.

    Enjoy the week. Terry

  13. Oh, Narelle, I love the colors of your stash, and the way how you used two different fabrics in one flower!

    greetings, jenanet

  14. cant wait to see this completed...what a lot of work ahead of you

  15. Very pretty! I love your rainbow of fabrics!
    Well, truth be told, I make them as I go. Not very organized. (Yet)

  16. Your flowers look great Narelle!

    Since you asked... When I join my hexes, I attach a petal to the center of the flower, then I attach another, and continue up between the 2 petals. Then I attach the other petals in the same manner, with the 6th one being first attached to a right petal, then the center, and up the left petal. Not as many starts and stops this way. Longer thread use...
    Happy stitchings!

  17. LOVE your flowers, Narelle, the're all looking like gems !
    Keep going, dear ;>)