Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Week That Was

Monday and Tuesday ~ work.

Wednesday ~ I managed to squeeze in two flowers this week deciding to try the greens for a change.

This blue flower blossomed last Wednesday.

Thursday ~ off to work again.

Friday ~ was Friday Night Sew-In for July so I kept plodding along with joining my log cabin blocks.

Saturday ~ general run of the mill stuff like housework, washing, tidying etc.

Sunday ~ thought I'd whip up a batch of biscuits ... 11 dozen in all.

The recipe is quite simple and you can make a variety of biscuits. We decided on coffee choc melts, jam drops and coconut cherry but just add whatever your favourite is. Sultanas or choc chips are another of our favourites.
500grams butter, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 can of condensed milk, 4 1/2 cups Self Raising flour. You may need to add a little more flour depending on your choice of biscuit. Bake till golden and enjoy!


  1. Yummm!
    Sounds like you had a not so bad week, if you can take out the work and the housework stuff!
    Hexie flowers are looking nice. I do like the green ones.

  2. Just seeing those biscuits has my stomach growling. I love your flowers. -----gotta head to the pantry now LOL

  3. Are they freezable? The biscuits that is!! Blocks are looking lovely too.

  4. Oh yummm, they sound so easy Narelle :-)
    ..and love all your progress.
    Hope you have another great week.
    Rob xx

  5. Oooh YUMM .... do love me an easy recipe ... thanks Narelle :o)!!
    Joy ;o)

  6. Great hexies and I will be over soon for a cuppa and biscuit.LOL
    Hugs Mary.

  7. a great week for you narelle. i used to make these biscuits often. one problem tho.... they are too moreish!

  8. Your flowers look wonderful! And those cookies look like what we used to call jam thumbprints when we were kids. Mom would let us make the thumbprint before she would spoon in the jam. Thanks for the cuing the memory!

  9. Sweet! Gona try the cookies recipe too