Sunday, 26 September 2010

Colourful Fridays ~ 2 Days Late!

Finally found my way around adding these pics. The top is a collection from around my home. I did have more but think it may have been too much to upload.
The below group were taken yesterday at the inaugural Garden Expo for our little town.
Robyn has a link on her blog to all those participating blogs. Next Friday is 'REDS'


  1. Ooh Narelle, I love your pics...thanks for playing along in our colour game :-)
    Is that a cheeky canary I see in the top pic??
    I'm really enjoying and noticing colour so much more and I love your pics.
    Hope you had a great day yesterday!

  2. lovely and bright. Yellow is definitely a happy colour.

  3. Lovely...I especially love the floral one.
    I am eyeballing the tomatoes already.

  4. Sweet photos. Is the backwards "smile" item used to press a design into bread? Looks like fun.
    I'm looking forward to your red photos next week.

  5. Lovely photos, makes me realise how beautiful yellow can be.