Monday, 15 August 2011

Monday's Show and Tell

 Saturday I gathered my supplies ready for some serious sewing. You can't see it but my coffee cup is not far away either.

Step 1.  Cut fabric into small pieces.

Step 2.  Sew small pieces back together again.
This is going to be a small wall hanging. Top is sewn together and awaiting quilting before I add some embelisments.

Then because I suffer from a small attention span I moved onto the next project. Last Wednesday I cut these fabrics into 2 3/4" strips.

Over the weekend I finished this rail fence top. The feature fabric is a tropical ocean scene.

I have short deadlines for both projects (less than 1 month) so I hope to soon share some finish photos.

Oh and there is still an acceptable amount of M and M's left in the bowl ... I did ration myself on those.


  1. Well done on all accounts. I'm up to the binding on my latest project too, should be a long weekend more often.

  2. both are lovely projects.
    Nothing like a deadline to move things along at a brisk pace! Well done.
    I am afraid the mm's would have been all gone before the sewing machine warmed up at my place.

  3. You are very busy love both your projects

  4. What gorgeous projects - and a wonderful achievement of work completed!! They will both be absolutely adorable when you get them finished!!

  5. Hello Narelle,

    Oh I do love your projects especially the last one. More M&M's will be needed to do the binding.
    Happy days.