Monday, 16 January 2012

Where Did That Week Go?

Actually I do know what happened ... a heatwave!  No energy and no desire to sew ... just trying to find somewhere to cool down and only doing those jobs that had to be done. Thankfully by Friday a cool change had moved in and now the rain has arrived. Nothing nicer than a wet Sunday spent indoors sewing and preping.

I did manage some prep work on 'Tis The Season' cutting all the border strips and have squares of the white spot fabric ready to trace for the embroideries. The borders are sewn on my 'Stitching Round the Block' ... just need to do the finishing touch. I was beginning to feel like nothing would be crossed off my January list of goals but I'm a little more focused now.

Saturday I did some stitching on block 16 of 'Because I Said So' while sitting by the window enjoying a cool breeze. Yesterday the stitching was finished and the sewing portion completed.

Then it was on to tracing blocks 17 and 18 of the BOM and a start on my Christmas Item for January. Throw in some GST ... sadly not the Generous Sewing Time sort but the bookwork version ... and finally I felt like I'd made some progress.

Just to finish off a productive day a quick fruit cake was in and out of the oven in a short time ready for packing in lunches today. I came across a link on Fiona's blog which led me to Bev's blog where she shared the recipe and it's now my go to recipe if I need something in a hurry. Thanks for sharing ladies.

More bookwork today and I really must get another quilt onto the frame ... I keep putting that job off.

Quilty Wishes for a lovely week.


  1. looks like you have been going great guns. The heat has headed our way again. Enjoy the cool a little then send it back please?
    Can't wait to see your round the block. Your I said so block looks great. The sayings are so cute.

  2. Send some of that heat this way please , it is really cold out there tonight . Very pretty block and stitchery ,great work!I must go check out the recipe too,thanks for that link , it looks yummy.

  3. Prep work can take up a lot of time.... funny where all this blog hopping gets you... it is a nice easy recipe...

  4. You seem to be getting things done. The heat was aweful but the rain is wonderful. I really like that 'Because I said so' quilt. I might have to put that one on my wish list. I had a need for cake the other day so I made rock cakes with a bit of extra butter so they wouldn't be so rocky and lots of extra mixed fruit. I will check out the recipe from Bev. Thanks.

  5. Wasn't the heat awful - mind you, I think we've been a bit spoilt this summer. I was like you, just couldn't do anything! Played Rummy-O most of the day and tried to find somewhere "cool" - didn't work. The cool change was very welcome. Isn't it strange how there are certain jobs that we just have to procrastinate about - quilting the finished top is certainly one of mine! Once I get started I'm fine.