Sunday, 1 July 2012

July Goals

Firstly here are the results for my list of June goals. Happy that I'm keeping on track with the TTS wall hanging and 1 Xmas Item. Not so good for the BISS BOM but I'll keep it on the list as I'd like to get it into a top at least and another ufo bit the dust :) 
**** JUNE ****

BISS BOM ~ I'm sure it will happen ... one day :)
TTS ~ Christmas Angels
One Christmas Item ~  'Joy' Washcloth
Cut Fabric for workshop in 2 weeks
Finish Cream UFO Scarf
Work on a UFO ~ Fishpond
Make a Gift for a Baby Boy
Seasons Of - May block

***  JULY  ***

Join BISS BOM Blocks
One Xmas Item
TTS - Christmas Reindeer
Complete Workshop Top
Work on a UFO
Seasons of - June Block

Happy Crafting


  1. Well done with your list.... and good luck with the next one....

  2. lots of things marked off your June list, Good luck with your July list.

  3. Hello Narelle,

    I had to smile at your "I am sure it will happen one day" Happy sewing.

  4. Good luck. Best to have a plan to deviate from!

  5. well done Narelle, there's been some good work done in getting some things crossed off your plan. I like planning too, though I don't have very many projects going, it stops me getting too distracted onto other things...