Sunday, 25 November 2012

I Overslept ... It's the 25th!

Actually I only wish I had overslept.  I've been waking up way too early for a weekend and have had a lot going on this month.  So I'm sad to report that I have no Christmas Item to share  :(

I know ... bad example to set but I just haven't stitched a stitch since the potholders were made.  At the beginning of November I finished off the stitchery for my 1 Item and then ... "the wheels fell off the wagon" as they say.

We celebrated DH's 50th birthday this weekend but his quilt is still a secret ... shhhh!  My plan is to get it on the quilting frame this Thursday.

Enough of my excuses. How have all you other clever elves been going? Busy busy of the sewing kind I hope :)

Time to take a sleigh ride through blogland and check out everyone's lovely goodies.  It's been a lovely time sewing and creating with this happy little group of elves and I thankyou all for joining me in de-stressing Christmas just a little :)

To wrap up the year I was thinking we could make a final '1 Xmas Item A Month' post on the 15th of December. It could be a photo of an extra project you've made ... or a photo of something you made through the year and is now on display for Christmas. Only if you'd like to ... our number 1 rule is 'no stress' and enjoy!

Happy Festive Sewing


  1. Life is so busy and I haven't sewn a stitch in over a week. I have nothing to offer either but will try for December 15th. Hope your celebrations went well.

  2. thankyou Narelle for all your encouragement to get 1 xmas item done a month it makes a big difference when you know you have to do it.xx

  3. I'm sure you'll get back to it when you have a's a busy time.

  4. This is an amazing get together each month... I LoVe it!
    Your mojo will return when time permits... in the meantime enjoy the lead up to Xmas. I'll see you on the 15th for our last post for 2012.
    Scary eh?
    Thanks Narelle :)

  5. Narelle, you have done so well all year, you deserve a bit of a break! It has been so nice to get so much done this year, I really do feel less stressed than usual. I love the idea of posting again on the 15th. See you then!

  6. My camera is in hiding at the moment so i couldn't take a photo to post yesterday. Maybe today. :) Look forward to posting on the !5th. Should have my little project finished by then. Hugs,

  7. No Christmas finish for me this month but I got to show my lovely swap goodies.
    I was going to show what I sent too but I may hold on till the 15th for the big reveal.
    Happy 50th to hubs.

  8. tut tut!!! haha... I wonder if there is anyone who managed every month? great idea to have another final one before Christmas.....

  9. Love the idea of the 15th, I will be there :) That will make 7 xmas items I possibly would not have gotten done without this fabulous group :)
    I think the example of skipping a month when stuff happens is exactly the de-stress example we need Narelle;)