Friday, 19 July 2013

Knutty Knitter

Actually I wouldn't be able to knit to save my self but there's something about the cooler months that get my knitting mojo puuuurrrrling away.  Only simple little projects but it's great for relaxing at night in front of the TV and switching off from the day.

Last night I finished off the ball of 'Beetle' (variegated) with a second dish cloth managing to come up with a checkered pattern. Earlier I finished off the ball of pink 'Giggle' and found that by casting on 25 stitches and weighing the ball I could make 3 dust cloths. Look out now dust bunnies :o)

My challenge:  If any new balls of wool should find themselves entering my home, I must knit them up and not let them hide away until 'another year'. Just as well it's only July and there should be some more cooler weather yet, even though lately it's almost like summer some days.

Recent additions to my stash.  I see .... 2 scarves .... 3 colourful dust cloths and more dish cloths. Just can't help myself and I won't mention a little purchase also on it's way.

Not much time lately for fabric play and this weekend needs to be bookwork, yuk!  The 25th is also just around the corner ... hope you've been able to squeeze in some Christmas sewing to share with the 1 Xmas Item Elves.

Happy Creating   >^..^<


  1. lovely knitting Narelle,i love those little dust bunny cloths and love all your new balls of wool as well,happy knitting my friend.xx

  2. Winter makes me want to knit too, but I'm hopeless at it. Nice little projects you're working on.

  3. ssome lovely knitting... a friend passed on a couple of knitted squares made from that fluffy wool... they are the best dust cloths ever ... and wash and reuse over and over again...

  4. Knit winter or summer, wool and wool blends/winter cardis, socks my latest craze; cotton/summer mainly dish and face cloths.

  5. I love your dust bunny cloths - they are so cute that I almost want to dust...nah who am I kidding, they are too cute to make dirty!

  6. what a great idea to make them dust cloths!It's lovely that you are using your wool stash, it will make way for new stuff next year. hehe
    Roll on the 25th At last I have a complete finish! hooray

  7. Some lovely knitting, I always feel like woolie projects at this time of year too.

  8. Lol, I'm like you, need simple projects, but enjoy doing something when it is cold :) xxx