Friday, 15 November 2013


I seem to be always squeezing things in at the last minute. Just been over to Wendy's to link up for Friday Night Sew In ... there's still time if you hurry :o)

We finally scored some rain yesterday, 40mm of beautiful wet stuff .... still only half of what they got in town but better than nothing that's for sure. More storms are brewing in the south so fingers crossed. I hope if you're still waiting for rain that your turn comes very soon too and that there's more follow-on rain for us all.



  1. Lucky you. I have given up believing the forecast!

  2. thats a good fall but you do need follow up fall to make it last so I hope you get another fall soon enough...........
    still waiting here but atleast it is raining somewhere that has been dry...........

  3. Fingers crossed for some more rain for you xxx :)

  4. lovely rain...we have had a bit too but not as much as that...