Monday, 24 February 2014

FNSI, OPAM, 1 Xmas Item

Of course the camera batteries would be flat just after I've been to town and don't have any spares. So I have 'borrowed' the ones from the cordless mouse, taken my pics and replaced the batteries back in the mouse. Batteries are now on my shopping list! Wonder if I could buy Mojo batteries too?

Now ... back to Friday night and sewing ... I decided to go with blanket stitch applique on Miss Moo and have been able to finish the applique over the weekend. Just needing eyes and her name embroidered.

Then on Sunday I made a start on an IPad  beanbag for work. Hubby got the request for a nice flat rock about this big (using hands to show size) for a weight and found the perfect size somewhere up the paddock while pumping water for the cows. One IPad beanbag ready to go to school tomorrow and a tick for OPAM.

I didn't have a gadget to test drive it with so I used the pattern for my 1 Xmas Item long term project.

Which brings me to my progress so far on block 1 and my 1 Xmas Item A Month for February. If slow and steady won the race then I'm already a winner. I'm attempting needle turn again after several years since my first attempt. Lots of leaves to prepare next.

Another busy week ahead so it's nice to sit down after dinner and do some stitchery to unwind before bed.

Happy Stitches     >^..^<


  1. would be great to have some mojo batteries on hand wouldn't it.
    love your missy moo block and great progress on your christmas project.
    very nifty ipad bean bag.

  2. Love the Ipad bean bag. The Gail Pan pattern is gorgeous. Hugs Noela.

  3. wow Narelle you have done so well,love all your beautiful work and Miss Moo is very cute.xx

  4. Miss Moo is looking cute. The bean bag looks great. Your block is looking lovely. Hugs,xx

  5. Awwww--Miss Moo is looking really cute. I love cows. You have been very busy on all kinds of goodies. I am finally off Tues and Weds so I plan to get busy. Hope that plan works out!!!!

  6. lovely sewing ... lots of different things to keep you entertained?

  7. Good going, you have lots to show. I like the pattern stand! Good luck with the needle turn. Did you see the blog post tutorial I did using the Lynette Anderson method of needle turn, using the Apliquick tools? I LOVE them!

  8. Narelle your Christmas block is gorgeous, and if that's what you stitch in the absence of Mojo, then you don't need those batteries!!