Sunday, 25 May 2014

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

At least that's what it feels like this month ... I just don't seem to be able to keep in a forward motion but I am making small steps in the right direction.

First I finished off another dish cloth to add to mum's gift for Mothers Day. 

My computer went to the Dr for a day trip and ended up staying there for a week before I could get back to town to pick it up. On the up side these 2 golden sheenas got a much needed pruning.

Another 2 blocks for LMF are in the completed pile.

A visit from a cruel stomach bug has wiped out the last week and food is still not high on my agenda. Hubby had a visit from the bug a couple of days after me so things have been very steady around seemed to sap every last ounce of energy. Poor Millie thinks we're both very boring and has taken to dragging her bed around the house for something to do.

Yesterday I pottered about with some fabric and prepared another 1 and a half LMF blocks (ran out of vliesofix). Then dug out a tea towel, a fat 1/4 and 2 buttons and made these hand towels for my Christmas Gift Box. I can see more getting made thanks to Cheryll's tutorial.

If you visit our 1 Xmas Item a Month blog you'll find lots of great gift and decoration ideas from the clever Elves.

My plan is to put my feet up and do some more blanket stitch applique today...what are your weekend plans?



  1. Glad you are feeling better. Your tea towels are lovely. Hugs.....

  2. Great finishes. Glad to hear you are better.

  3. wonderful finishes Narelle and hope this bug leaves you all alone,not much fun.xx

  4. Hi Narelle,
    I hope that bug doesn't come back, they really do zap the energy out of people. Love the blocks you've done, very cute!!! Gorgeous shades of colour in those bushes.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. There seems to be a few different bugs around .. Hope you get strong again soon .. I love your blocks

  6. seems you aren't alone in your tummy bug, I have been a bit off the last few days. Hub has told me it might be good, I may lose some weight! No polite reply to that lol.
    love your lmf blocks, it's such a sweet project.
    lovely tea towels for your christmas box.
    Hope your get back to your healthy self asap/

  7. Sorry to hear you had a tummy bug and hope you are feeling better . Lovely tea towels for the gift box .

  8. Hope you're feeling better gets very busy at times doesn't it. Hope a few stitches helps.

  9. Hi Narelle - so sorry to know you've been ill - those bugs are such a pest... Hope you get back to feeling really good again and get back into some sewing too! x

  10. You were obviously just having a bad day...... look at all the wonderful things you are creating..... miles ahead of moi!!
    Love your blocks!!!