Sunday, 31 May 2015

Party Time ...

To celebrate the Chookshed's 3rd Birthday ... Chooky is throwing a party!  I sent my virtual acceptance and have been snapping up some sewing time here and there over the weekend. Not an easy task when asked; "can you just come over to the cattle yards and give us a bit of a hand". Perhaps if I put a movie on shortly I can finish organising these scraps for Natures Journey ...

and stitch the last leaves, 2 pears, 3 berries and bird's tail and wing on this Merry Christmas Garden block.
From it's bare beginnings ...

to currently ...

There was also some baking of a chocolate mud cake but there's not enough of it left to photograph with Hubby and DD about.

Thanks for the invite Chooky ... it's been a very enjoyable weekend.


  1. Looks like you got a fair bit done

  2. some lovely sewing in between sorting out at the cattle yards...


  3. looking forward to seeing those natures journey blocks done, some lovely fabrics waiting to be stitched.
    love your little bird block too. such neat applique.

  4. Enjoyed reading your post, Chooky's party was great.
    Cute little bird block, pretty applique.

  5. Narelle, it's progress enough to have sorted out your fabrics for your NJ... lovely progress with the Christmas block

  6. woops saved this post to comment on.......
    so pleased you joined me for the party........goodluck with the NJ blocks..........