Sunday, 1 November 2015

November Finishes?

Just maybe there is a chance that these little projects will make it over the finish line ... I don't have a good track record for finishes this year.

First is my day 2 stitchery from SDDO ... completed and all cut out ready for the sewing machine.

While I was cutting, these 2 stitcheries from Day 1 had all their bits and pieces cut out ready for the machine too.

Someone thinks she's a bit of a clever clogs...standing on mum's lunch.

Now for some Sunday sewing.


  1. Lol...I love that there is always time for tea....I agree. Super sweet little projects about to be stitched up. Have fun.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Such pretty projects! Hope you get some time at the machine to get them finished.
    Love those gangly legs on the clever foal

  3. Estimated sure you will get your projects finished, but I must say it does seem easier to do the stitcheries than make them into something!

  4. I agree with Susan....I have trouble with the "sewing up"bit. I love your projects especially the Tea one. Your little foal is beautiful x

  5. lovely stitching... I haven't got any further with my SDDO stitching and I do love those little bears so I want to do them