Saturday, 9 January 2016

A New Year and FNWF

Looks like this new year is off to a flying start and I've almost been left at the starting gate ... but I'm not going to let that faze me ... I'm just going to jump on in when I can!

Starting with last night and all the Friday Night Friends over at Cheryll's cubbyhole. I only had to applique the 'Blessings' block to the background and the circle 4 patch, then finish sewing together Block 2 of A Merry Christmas Garden.

Scary to think I started this block 12 months ago ... Block 3 has also been coming together and it's time to get back into some needle turn applique big time!

If I may retrace my steps a little ... this is what we were doing just before Christmas to spruce the place up a bit.

This highchair was made by my dad and my children used it when they were babies ... ready now for GS Master J

After Christmas and our guests had returned home it was a quick dash into town for 'stuff' and on with a full muster.  New Year's Eve was a quiet night in with my parents visiting to help ... DS and Master J joined us New Year's Day and lunch consisted of roast chicken sandwiches up at the cattle yards and a cuppa in a pannikin (tin cup) with fruit for after and lots and lots of cold water to beat the heat.

(Trying to be creative)

So now that I have one more week to make the most of before heading back to off-farm work ... I'm off to make the most of it with some tracing and preparing applique pieces. This quilt is going to be my project for 1 Xmas Item A Year. If you'd like to make a head start on a hand made Christmas check it out.

I am looking forward to many more Friday nights with Friends and Sew-Ins and maybe some CTTY if I can squeeze in some Christmas gift making through the year.

Have you heard? Wendy and Dawn are revamping 'Sew Its Finished' ... I know I have plenty of projects that could/should be finished ... but so many new ones that I should/could start too.

One seam at a time ... Happy New Year


  1. Looks like your Christmas item is off and running for this year, your block looks lovely.
    Good to get things prepped so when you go back to work, dare I say the word, you can just pick it up and go.
    Love the high chair and so great it will be used by the next generation.

  2. Your block looks the high chair. Hugs, xx

  3. Your block is lovely. With your prep work you will be all set when work that your high chair is serving another generation xx

  4. I love your block.... chicken sammies on the farm sounds delish.... I must get back into 1 Christmas Item each month... I have a project for it!

  5. Beautiful good to have the prep done, the your are ready to will look fantastic with its spruce up.

  6. Pretty Christmas block! I have a Christmasy block quilt that requires applique that I could work on. So many things I could work on....

  7. Beautiful block. I like that your high chair has been used by so many in you family.

  8. I can see why your project is taking some time, it's just lovely. I adore that high chair too.
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. Hi Narelle, wow the high chair has lasted so well, its new look is now ready for the next generation of toddler mess!
    Great progress with your Gail Pan block

  10. Thanks Narelle... for joining in last Friday. It was FuN having you over... xox

  11. Great start on your A Merry Christmas Garden. It's a beautiful quilt. So cool your dad made the high chair - it looks great now.

  12. Ein schöner Quilt und der Stuhl ist ja ein Schmuckstück !
    Liebe Grüße