Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June Out The Door

As June rushes out the door I'm just scraping in with a couple of finishes to share in between sanding and painting our kitchen and dining room over the school holidays ... lots of prep needed!

The first is a snow white wash cloth to add to a baby shower gift for one of our teachers.

My second finish is a crochet rug for myself.  I purchased the kit through Better Homes and Gardens magazine in April ... so I can finish a project now and then.  Of course I read the pattern wrong and had to adapt the pattern to make it bigger.

Life on Little ???'s Farm has come to a standstill but I at least now have enough different pink fabrics to finish the last 4 animals.

Time to dash and get some dinner on before the natives get restless.  This cold and windy weather does nothing for my internet connection and neither does rainy weather, all of which we've been experiencing off and on so there's not much blog visiting going on either.

Happy Creating     >^..^<


  1. Great work on your crochet blanket Narelle, lovely colour!
    The Macca's blocks are coming along nicely.

  2. What a sweet shower gift. Your rug is beautiful! Good luck with your painting x

  3. Oh you've got heaps of yummy stuff going on around here!!! I love the rug, how cool!

  4. the washcloth is perfect with the other little gifts and I love your new crochet blanket. Hope little ??'s quilt gets some attention these holidays...

  5. Lovely finished Narelle! How did you get your crochet rug so straight?! Mine always go wavy at the edges, lol! xxx

  6. Love your fabric choice for LLMF quilt blocks. Good luck with the painting - great job in the cold weather we are having! At least that lovely quilt will keep you warm at night. Hugs