Friday, 21 October 2016

Fingers Crossed

YES!  Fingers crossed that I may just be making some progress with sorting out my internet.  I'm not jumping to conclusions that it's been solved just yet but for tonight I am on and not making a cuppa in between pages loading.

Now let me see if I have any pics to update my minimal crafting.  Nope :(  Will have to transfer some pics from other devices tomorrow and share the cutest little pair of booties I made for grandchild no. 2 due in January.

Good night xx  My poor addled brain needs to reboot.  I'll leave you with this pic taken back when the weather was still cool ... 3 generations heading out to muster ... and no, Millie (little dog with coat) didn't join them.


  1. Goodluck with the internet..... Are you on the nbn or signed up? I made the move....
    Great when 3 generations can work together.....

  2. Lovely Pic Narelle and good luck with your internet xx

  3. Hope you get you internet sorted. Great photo. Hugs,xx

  4. hope the internet sorts soon - it can be frustrating...

  5. So frustrating when the internet doesn't play nice!
    Great photo!

  6. No fun when the internet is playing up... it is amazing how much we rely on it! Love the photo of three generations... how special! xx