Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Wet Day = UFO Day

A beautiful sunshiny cloudy day with a soft drizzle breaking into a gentle shower at times ... perfect day for some sewing. Yesterday I layed out my next UFO so today I've made some 4 patches. These will have cream triangles attached eack side and sit on point between each row of months.

A lot more 4 patches to sew, fabrics are all from stash/scraps and no repeats in keeping with the calendar quilt challege for 2009, with 365 different for each day of the year.

While digging for the calendar pieces I came across another 2 UFOs that weren't on my list. First is blocks for a postage stamp quilt. I had participated in a few postage stamp charm swaps in 2012 ... packs of 100 x 2" charms (all different fabrics) sent and received from around the world. I have a design in my head.

This next one was an online monthly sew-a-long but I will need to do some research to find it's origins ... obviously an Alphabet quilt.

Takes my original UFO count to 28 for Finishing Stitches.  I'm sure there are probably more still in hiding.

Off to put the kettle on for a nice warm cuppa ... last week I wanted to live in the fridge.


  1. Love the idea of the sashings for your calendar UFO.
    Such pretty postage stamp blocks too. Glad these surfaced too

  2. Oh, lovely UFOs! Yes I definitely started that calendar quilt back in 2009... and I think I didn't even make it through Jan! It's in a tub somewhere in Oz... I guess I could try again to "start" next year???? xx

  3. I like what you are doing with your calendar quilt, those 4-patches will lood tgreat inserted there. Good on you for rescuing some long lost UFOs - I have a few that need dealing with too.....

  4. Love your projects. I know what you mean about wnaning to live in the fridge & now today it's opposite i want my winter woolies. :)

  5. I'm loving the look of your 4 patches on point.... will add such interest. I had to laugh that looking for one thing found more UFO's!!! they hide in all sorts of places...

  6. Loving the cool here! Always wanted to do a postage stamp quilt. Your blocks are beautiful. Be a shame not to finish that one. You are making great progress on your calendar quilt....those ufos are sneaky lol!