Sunday, 7 October 2018

Mama Mia ... FNWF

Friday night went something like this ...

Settled down in the lounge, Millie on my lap of course, crochet on the go. Yes, earlier in the week I put my thinking cap on and got back into the hook and pull through.

Enjoying virtual company of friends and tapping my toes to the awesome songs of Mama Mia the movie, when the house was plunged into silence and darkness. Enough of a storm to create a blackout but only a few drops of rain. Nothing to do but feel my way around and into bed. Yesterday I found a moment to finish the row I was on.

Thank you Cheryll for bringing us together on a Friday night.

Here are a couple other finishes I haven't yet shared.  My next wash cloth ...

This quilt top was completed on the 30th Sept, right on time. "Ruth's Quilt"

Back to  the off farm work tomorrow, squeezed in between feeding the cattle and checking waters. An upside of driving round the paddocks so often is seeing all the new babies ... will share a photo or two next time.


  1. Oh no what a pain! Glad you got to do some eventually. Shame there wasn't more wet stuff. Love your Ruths quilt xx

  2. I love the colours and the stitch in your newest crochet project.... makes me want to start something new!!! haha. I love your B/W quilt.... just lovely. bad luck about the rain but hopefully you got a good nights sleep....

  3. Ruth's quilt looks super with the borders it.
    Not much to do without power but go to bed....

  4. Your crochet looks tricky! Oh so annoying about the power! but Ruths quilt looks brilliant. xx

  5. Sew annoying when you lose power..
    Love the pattern in the crochet.

  6. I love your crochet blanket... maybe I should try that pattern next :) xx