Sunday, 20 October 2019

End of the Road Trip

Yes, this particular road trip has come to the end.  It's been lovely stitching on these sweet postcards of an evening and I am ever so glad that I kept joining blocks along the way. I was able to join the last 2 blocks that same evening but the light had gone to be able to take a photo. Then a couple of busy days and I've only just managed to take a photo of the completed top.

"Romancing the Road Trip" by Leanne's House
Image result for Romancing the road trip

Off to the wardrobe to hang out with the other flimsy tops ... one day to be quilted.


  1. Super job Narelle....looks fantastic, it's exciting to see the first quilt come it and thanks for joining in the stitch-a-long....

  2. Fabulous job your version. Inspiration for me to keep going xx

  3. Wonderful quilt top..... well done.. I love it...

  4. Your Postcard quilt top looks fabulous. Great finish.

  5. It looks wonderful Narelle. Well done xox