Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Little Sewing

There's so much else that has to be done and sewing is taking a back seat for a moment. However I did manage to get and hour or so in at our Patchwork group on Wednesday arvo. I can only get there after finishing work at 1.30pm so I'm going to take my Red Delicious and hand sew each month. Of course the coffee is a must as is chatting with friends.

January is all caught up for my Calendar Quilt . . .

and February up to the 14th. The 7th and 13th are backing fabrics for gift quilts. Then I thought I'd go with pinks for 'love month' and a red with bunches of white flowers for Valentine's Day.

As you'll see on my sidebar, I'm also taking part in Lurline's Happy House Swap. This is the first block I've made, untrimmed as yet. Can anyone else who has made these tell me if the side strips are supposed to be angled like that or have I done something wrong?

I have a date with Spiderman today. Quilting that is, on a panel for my nephew. Hopefully soon I'll have some finished photos and can add to my '2009 Finishes' on the sidebar.
Happy Sewing


  1. Hi there I too am doing the happy house swap. - My first blocks as well. and mine look just the same as yours do. Having never done this before, I thought I had done it wrong. but my aunt sheila says they are ok.
    apparently when it is cut into a square the house is wonky and the side are straight. jane xxx

  2. Hi Narelle.
    Lurline asked me to help you out..
    yes that's right, now you need to trim back to a 10 inch block..
    Just line up your ruler so that you have a half inch on all four sides at the corner should have a half inch at the points of all four corners, that gives you a 1/4 inch seam with a 1/4 inch float around the house..if you look at the house button on your sidebar , you will see what I mean.
    It will then be a 10" square..
    Hope this helps you ..

  3. looking could just leave it and Lurline would square if off for you..........
    they are fun to make aren't they.......

  4. Wow lots happening and all looks great .
    clares craftroom

  5. Beautiful, Narelle - sorry about yesterday, asthma - yes, I will square all blocks up if you like - I've sort of done it that way so all blocks will be the exact same measurement!
    Hugs - Lurline♥