Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Lucky Me

Still here, just heaps going on and not enough time as usual. This is just a quick post to brag about some mail I received.

Last Friday my first parcel of Birthday Fat 1/4's arrived from Jeni of With Needle and Thread. They are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to start planning a project.

Then Monday when I went up to the mail box on dusk in my dressing gown in the wind and showery rain from Cyclone Hamish, another parcel snuggly fitted in the mail box. My 4SQS from the very clever Janey of Sew Stylish. I absolutely adore it and can't stop admiring it. I now have three of the four seasons and I've decided to hang them all on one rod and display them in my lounge room. Hopefully sometime down the track I'll be lucky enough to acquire the fourth season. Janey added a few extras in her parcel so I'm feeling very lucky at the moment.

Sorry no pictures for now. Unfortunately my main computer is down, and I'm not sure of how to load pictures from my camera to this computer so pictures will have to wait. If you click here you can see the photos Janey has taken of the 4SQS.

Happy Sewing


  1. Lucky you getting all that great stuff in the mail!

    Hope your main computer gets fixed soon, so we can see more pics from you :^)

  2. Hope you can get your computer up and running soon, looking forward to seeing some pics

  3. What great mail you've been getting. I can't wait to see pictures.