Saturday, 30 October 2010

Beautiful FRIENDS!

Guess what was waiting for me in the mailbox Friday afternoon? My parcel from the lovely Dawn of dawnhaydesigns filled with FRIENDS Swap Goodness.

Inside the post-pack what did I see?
Seven pretty parcels just for ME!!!!

Dawn was ever so clever and left a clue on each label as to what might be inside.
And what was inside?

F ~ Fabric ... a Lumiere de Noel charmpack ... GORGEOUS!
R ~ Natalie Ross pattern
I ~ Item to use ... a beautiful purse or pouch
E ~ Embroidery Threads
N ~ Needle case with monogram and the cutest little robyn button
D ~ Doll Brooch and Key Holder
S ~ Scissor Fob ... already on my scissors.

A huge THANKYOU to Dawn for a delicious array of goodies.

And what did I send in return?

F ~ Four little parcels
R ~ Roses gift wrap and cards
I ~ a notebook for Inspiration and a little tapemeasure in Inches
E ~ Embroidery Hoop
N ~ Needle/Tread Keeper
D ~ Drawstring Dilly Bag
S ~ Scarf

Another huge THANKYOU to the wonderful Khris for organising the FRIENDS Swap once more. This is the second year I took part and I have been blessed with two lovely ladies whom I am lucky to call friends!


  1. Wow Narelle! Wonderful gifts in and out at your place!!! Lovely... 8-)

  2. These are all lovely gifts. Enjoy them!

  3. Both packages are just filled to the brim with super dooper gifts!!
    How wonderful! I am hoping to mug the postie this week some time, fingers crossed.

  4. This is a lovely swap..I must keep an eye out for the next one...Your Gifts are Gorgeous..

  5. Narelle, This turned out to be a great swap,enjoy those gifts.
    Happy days.

  6. a great swap sent and recieved..........