Monday, 3 January 2011

SAHRobin 7 and Some Gardening

Quick off the mark for a change, I've finished January's round 7 for the SAHRobin and it's only the 3rd. Today the blue scrap box came off the shelf and to the bottom I have added a 5"x5"; 5"x6" and 5"x5".

Yesterday I went with the tan scrap box. The next step will involve embellishment so I can't wait ... but guess I will have to.

All of this rain has to be good for somethings ... just ask my roses. I don't think they've ever looked this healthy and have gone a little wild.

Above is after I spent an afternoon weeding ... below is the other half to be done.
Then out with the pruners to give them a light hair cut ... I don't want to loose all the buds yet.


  1. Hey Narelle those roses will look beautiful when all the buds open. Don't forget to take a photo for us.

  2. boy you are getting in there! Your blocks are looking great, can't wait to see the embellishments.
    Your Easter Island head seems content with the gardening so far.

  3. You made a good start. with the stash and the garden!

  4. Your SAHRobins are looking great Narelle!! I really like you tan one... 8-)
    Beautiful roses...! Good like with the rest of the weeding!