Thursday, 20 January 2011

UFO Thursday

On Sunday I dug out this UFO ... a 'Strip Insertion' wall hanging begun at a workshop in January 2010. It's taken me until today to actually make a start and I've been inserting the dark green strip on the left into several blocks.

I think there is a total of 14 blocks all in various stages ... some as above ... three yet to be cut into strips ... and now some are looking like the picture below. I still love the fabric and enjoy the technique ... just need to make the effort.

Flood Relief Fund ~ As some begin the long road ahead of rebuilding lives and communites, others still watch and wait as flood waters continue to rise and fall. Today I read on Helen's blog about two more ways of making a difference. Y


  1. looks fiddly but very effective. The floral fabric is lovely.
    Good on you for bringing out a ufo.

  2. I love that look! It is a bit like the Convergence quilts.

  3. Just how interesting is this, Narelle. It's going to look fantastic! Thanks for sharing today.See you next week.

  4. Hello Narelle,

    This looks like it will be stunning with the way it is cut.
    Good luck with the blocks,you will soon have a quilt.
    happy days.

  5. Seems simple, but sooo effective....can't wait to see it done! I think it's going to be amazing!
    great job sweety!
    XXX Wendy :O)

  6. Another one out of the box. Way to go!! You'll have to forgive me this week. Will try to do better next week.