Thursday, 10 February 2011

UFO Thursday and Mail

Ooooops! :) I mis-titled my post yesterday. It should have said One Flower Wednesday but I must have been thinking about UFO Thursday at the same time.

My lack of organisation means another week has gone by and I haven't made any more progess on the strip insertion UFO. I'll try and do better for next week. Thought I'd share a couple of other projects instead ... the bag is currently unfinished so maybe that counts?

An idea for scissor fobs popped into my head on Monday so I got straight to picking some fabric squares ... cutting ... sewing ... then last night had a chance to stuff and add a button top and bottom.

Today I finished sewing squares together for a shaggy bag ... ready for clipping and washing. Then comes platted handles.

My mail lady handed these over to me yesterday while I was in town. Just because the roads were cut in January and I couldn't go to town ... didn't mean I couldn't do some shopping.

This morning after reading Jessica's 'WIP Wednesday' post, I sat down and wrote out a list. I have a My To Do's Notebook and don't use it very much so now I have written down all my projects, WIP's, UFO's etc I feel a little more organised. Up until now I've just been thinking about all the things half done and getting nowhere.


  1. Love those scissor fobs. So cute. I've bought the fabrics to make the quilt on the front cover of the Elm Creek quilts book. Hugs,

  2. Love your scissor fobs. Great idea.

  3. Sounds like you are getting organized and getting down to it all... Good stuff! 8-)
    I posted a "to do" list on my sidebar to remind me... that list can't go missing!! lol! 8-)
    Great scissor fobs! I look forward to seeing the bag... Wonderful books to drool over... 8-)
    Happy stitchings Narelle!

  4. Hi Nell, Love the fobs!! What a simple and great idea. You've been very busy, haven't you! Thanks for joining in UFO Wednesday/Thursday! *grin*

  5. Those scissor fobs look exactly like the ones I put in my sewing kits for New Beginnings! LOL not that I can claim the idea, I saw something similar in a book somewhere.
    Love that Scnibbles book, it has some great patterns in it!
    Thanks for the plug too!

  6. I don`t have a to doo list Nell...i do whatever i like to start or looking at your hexies in your previous post...which are very lovely by the way..beautiful colors....i pulled out mine and trying to think of something to do with love your little siccers fobs...and a good idea again..weekend is coming up soon..maybe a good idea to make some then...thanks for the inspiration..
    greetings Francien.
    greetings Francien..

  7. Sorry for the 2 greetings Narelle..see it as one for your hexiespost i missed this week...☺

  8. I just love your scissor fobs,,,,they are so cute,,,Oh dear,,,another little project coming up i see,,,lol Take care,,,Kate xx

  9. Neat scissor fobs ...I have loads of squares... look out here I come ...always need little extra gifts for parcels...Thanks for the idea hope you don't mind me using it.

    hugs Laurie