Monday, 28 February 2011

Another Hot One!

The fog had rolled in by about 7am this morning ... this usually means we're in for a hot one ...

Mr and Mrs Whistler Duck brought the family out early this morning to forage through the dewey grass for all sorts of tasty treats.

Taken about an hour later, they'd moved to the front yard for a little shade.

Here are those elusive magpies that wouldn't co-operate for Black and White Friday. It's only 10am and they're already staying in the shade.

Hope your week is sew productive.


  1. Ducklings are so cute. I sometimes see them walking all together along the path when I drive into town. It is already 31 here!

  2. Hello Narelle,

    That is a big family to look after. We have swarms of those white corellas still waking us up each morning!!!
    Happy Monday.

  3. Send you some cool air from Europe. It is dark, grey and only 6C. Will you be doing any sewing or just look for a cool place and settle with a book?

  4. It is always nice to see a family spending time together. :)

  5. Darling Duckies there Narell!!! Good photo op!!! 8-)

    I believe I dropped the ball for this past 25th... Oops! I will do better for March... 8-)

  6. You have read it from Jossie here Narelle...its very grey in your pictures are brighten my day ...lovely!...greetings Francien.