Sunday, 3 April 2011

My 3 B's

Grrrrrr! I'm having all sorts of trouble with my spacing in here ... can anyone help? B for Brutus Don't you love it when something happens without being planned? I've been stitching away on Brutus now for about 12 months and after 2 Brutus finishes in March I never imagined this last block would be finished so soon ... but here he is ... number 8 of 10 blocks as I didn't stitch them in order. Some may notice that I've changed him a little and left the ring of flowers off and added a square border. This was to make him the same size as an earlier block. Today I've cut sashing strips ready to add a floral border to each block. Then I'll have another think about the next step. B for Book

I've noticed a couple of other bloggers have also received their blog books ... mine arrived in the mail Friday. It's so great to sit down and browse through your very own memories in print ... highly recommended.

B is for BOM

I've always loved the idea of receiving a package in the mail with fabric and instructions for x number of months to create a quilt. So I took the plunge and Friday my first month's installment arrived. Now the question is ... will I keep up? ;-)

Off to add some sashings to Brutus.


  1. Brutus is very cute!! Where did you get your blog book done? It is a great idea...

  2. oh I got my book on Friday too..............very exciting...........had a quick flick last night.........

  3. I love Brutus as usual. I can't wait to see him with a floral border. I will definitely keep the blog book in mind and I love Patchwork Pumpkin patterns. I have Nanna's farm and another country one. I have started collecting bits and pieces for Nanna's farm but it will be a while before I start anything.

  4. Brutus is gorgeous! And your bloggy book, what a fantastic idea!!

  5. What a fantastic idea to get your blog book. Good luck with Brutus and your new projects.
    Happy days.

  6. BOM are great aren't they. I've also joined one.. but mine is a Xmas one. Your's looks very pretty.. I'm looking forward to seeing your masterpiece! :)