Thursday, 15 September 2011

Today, Yesterday and the Day Before

Not so sure about the title but I thought I would work backwards with what I've been up to over the last few days.

This morning as I stepped outside with camera in hand I spied this little fellow ... not sure if he even knows which way he's going.

Time to lay out my Inchy Swap Flowers for a garden update and of course there is always help on hand. Think Fleur is claiming this garden for herself?

Yesterday these two pretties arrived from Anette in Denmark ... just perfect for spring. I started out by embroidering names in the centres so I will have to do some catching up with that.

I spent the nicest afternoon yesterday with BF Kerry. We chatted, knitted and enjoyed a movie together. Both of us were working on a scarf and I was able to finish mine off last night. Here my ever faithful model is ready for the camera.

The day before I found a second hand shop in a little town nearby and found these 2 treasures. The sweet little jug has joined the crockery set in the cupboard and I've left the utensils container on the bench for ... you guessed it ... utensils!

Today is also UFO Thursday hosted by Sandy at Cookies and Cream Craft. Although I have plenty of UFO's to choose from I need to 'feel like' tackling those so for now I'll keep working on things with deadlines.

Don't forget this Friday is Friday Night Sew-In ... think I'll either knit or embroider or perhaps a bit of both :o)

Happy Sewing


  1. An interesting little visitor on the deck there!! 8-)

    Swap Flowers looking great with Fleur there! What a great idea to embroider the creator's name on them!!

    Great scarf! I've got a couple of those on the go, but with the smaller/finer netted yarn...

    Wonderful thrift store goodies! 8-)

    Wishing you great stitching on your FNSI!!

  2. That little snail has perfect consistency in her running stitch... I wonder if she is inventing a new quilting design? Those scarves are so fun....

  3. maybe the snail was chasing something?
    Fleur looks quite at home among your flowers. Will these become a quilt?
    Lovely effect in the scarf.

  4. It's been awhile since I've looked on your blog. For whatever reason, your posts don't come across to my blog - tells me I'm following your blog, but doesn't come up in the side bar. Must have upset the computer gods at some point!!

    Love your hexies. Decided on what they are going to become?

    I have some of that same china - think I've got some dinner plates, bread and butter plates and even a few dessert bowls left. I think if I looked in the cupboards, I may even find the cups! Still think they're cute.

    DH is heading up your way for the school holidays - taking a few kids with him. I'm staying home - too many kids have too many things to do. Bit down about not getting the chance to get away and unwind - but will make up for it by doing lots of sorting, organising and hopefully SEWING!!