Sunday, 25 September 2011

The 25th Is Here!

Good morning blogland!

Today is the 25th here in Aus and it's time to share your One Xmas Item for September.  It's a very good thing that I was able to get these finished earlier (I actually started them for August and never finished in time) because once more I've had NO sewing time since FNSI.

These 3 Bon Bon's bring my total to 6 ... now to fill them with yummy treats!

Are you like me and finding the time is just rushing past now? We still have October and November to make Christmas Items so all is still OK :)

Have you missed a few months or just didn't get around to making a start? There's still time to get sewing and join in with myself and my wonderful elf friends who have been cheering each other on as we wrap the year up with 'less stress' this Christmas.

Leave a comment on this post once you've shared your 1 Xmas Item and I will add a linked photo to the September page.

Happy Christmas Sewing and Stitching


  1. Lovely photo Narelle. I really like the blue one. All our rehearsals are coming to an end, the main performance is just around the corner. But are we worried? No, our gifts are all waiting in the wings.

  2. Love these bon bons... they're GREaT!
    I'll be adding something later today.. with any luck!
    Cheers :)

  3. Hello Narelle,
    I'm sticking my head in to say hi :D
    Oooh love those bon bons!

  4. beautiful narelle,well done they look great.

  5. they look so sweet! No finish for me this month :(
    I have lots of 'nearly finished' so maybe next month I can wow you!

  6. The bon bons are so great... I can just imagine a table decorated with these.... I have managed to do a blog post with my couple of finishes... thanks again for the encouragement...

  7. I have something to tell this month - made some Xmas Mug Rugs. They'll be included in presents with (hopefully) a pretty Xmas mug to go with them. I have 10 cut ready to be bound. 5 completely finished. Just need to get the camera out. Thanks for the reminder to tell.......