Tuesday, 3 April 2012

April Already?

March has passed in a haze and sadly we have no new news on the whereabouts of our dear friend. We remain positive that he will be back with his loved ones soon.

Progress on my March list was almost nil but I did manage the TTS blocks early and my Candle Mat for Christmas is growing slowly. Most will roll over to April and see how it goes.

Month 12 ~ BISS BOM
(Work on 2" squares border)
1 Xmas Item (started)
Tis The Season
Pin Cushion
Work on UFO ~ Horse Quilt (found)

BISS BOM ~ work on border
TTS ~ next block
1 Xmas Item ~ finish Candle Mat (March)
1 Xmas Item ~ Felt Bell (April)
Quilt hexagon table topper
Pin Cushion

A new book arrived in the mail last week and I look forward to reading this latest "Elm Creek" novel over the school holidays.

My 'Bird of Paradise' is always flowering but I've never had this many spikes all at once so I thought I'd share some colour from my garden. The blur towards the bottom was a butterfly zooming past the lense.

Enjoy your day :)


  1. your candlemat is coming along nicely Narelle and i love your bird of paradise.xx

  2. I loved Sonoma Rose. Certainly more than her last book. :) Love your hexies. The colours are gorgeous. Your Bird Of Paradise is beautiful. I love those plants. Hugs,

  3. sad about your friend... it's amazing that there is no news.... poor family.... love your 'crane flowers' as I always call them.. mine flowered for the first time this year but just one or two at a time... nothing like yours... butterfly is like a kid... dashing in to get in the shot!

  4. Your hexies are looking good. Enjoy your new book, I hope this means mine is nearly here too!

  5. Hello Narelle,

    Sorry to hear that your friend is still missing. Hope you all have some news soon. Love the fabrics in the hexies. The Bird of Paradise is wonderful,love the structure in these plants.

    Happy Easter.

  6. Hello Narelle,

    I have just awarded you and your blog the Liebster Award.

    happy days.

  7. At least you got to cross off a few things from your March list.

    I think I'll have to work towards a list myself, I seem to be busy but not much to show for my efforts!

  8. God luck with your to do list...candle mat is looking great.