Monday, 1 October 2012

Goals for October

Not too much to show for yesterday's grand final craft time.  After deciding to make a headstart on a 1 Xmas Item I knitted some rows only to loose my place and muck up the pattern while trying to keep track of the big game ..... sooooooo ..... I pulled it out.  Then managed to make a 2nd start before half time.

At half time we lit the BBQ and threw some steaks on for dinner and watched the rest of the game while enjoying a yummy burger. So with a small headstart, here are the rest of my goals for this month.
Finish 1 Xmas Item
TTS ~ Christmas Joy
Work on Quilt Gift for 50th
Make bag with 'Stitch A Little Love'
Work on a UFO

This morning I popped outside with the camera to stop and smell the roses.
Double Delight and Just Joey
Happy October


  1. your roses are lovely.... have a great october...

  2. Good luck with those goals, especially TTS.

  3. good luck with your goals Narelle,and gorgeous flower pics.xx

  4. Hello Narelle,

    Good luck with the knitting and just love the roses, they are beautiful and the blooms always delight.

    Happy October.

  5. Beautiful roses. Good luck with your goals. I'm not setting any - other than to finish SKOW SAL. Not until I have my list of costumes from the dance teacher!

  6. Just beautiful roses! Sounds like you are going to be busy.

    I have a bit of catching up to do but there is still time, just!