Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Wrap

This month seems to have lasted so much longer, possibly because I've bee super busy, squeezed a lot in and have only now just realized that today is the last day of the month.

On looking back at my goals I'm happy to say that I achieved both. Yes I only set 2 goals :o)  Another wash cloth for my 1 Xmas Item and the TTS Block 'Santa and the Christmas Goose'.  I even finished the stitchery started at Highfields. Now I'm wondering what to work on while the NRL Grand Final plays out on the TV ... they'll be kicking off soon  ... should I get a head start on 1 Xmas Item for October or the last TTS block?  Refresh my crochet? Continue on another stitchery I have started? Or catch up on some zzzzz's after DS's 21st party last night?

I shall report back tomorrow as the Calendar rolls over to a fresh new month.

Getting back to baking my own bread, this one hit the top of the breadmaker.

Happy Sunday


  1. Wish it would last a little longer... Great you met your goals and survived the 21st.
    Too many decisions for me, maybe a short nap then on to that list of to do's?

  2. Glad 21st went well. I'm inspired you met any sewing goals getting a 21st organised. Very impressive. Any bread making tips? I have hit and miss results. Look forward to hearing what you decided to work on - TTS must be close to completion?

  3. Decisions, decisions....maybe a little of each project. Glad you survived the 21st. Enjoy the grand final.

  4. I'm ready to get back to breadmaking, myself. Problem is, I can easily eat half a loaf within 30 minutes of it coming out of the machine. :-O

  5. well done Narelle,yummy homemade bread.xx

  6. It is so hard to have to make decisions as a crafter... always so many things to make.... I just LOOOOVE home made bread....