Sunday, 9 June 2013

All In One Week

I can't be sure but I think it was last Monday I got around to making some Tomato Relish. This was my first batch in many years ... so long in fact I rang mum to ask for her recipe and she said she uses my recipe which was my mother-in-laws ... ooops! Forgot about it but now that I've tried some the memory returned ... delish even if I do say so myself.

Mid week hubby and I attended Farmfest which is a huge agricultural display, but not before Fiona and I arranged to meet up. We chatted like old friends over a coffee and then had a quick stroll through a few sights. Time went way too quickly and as the evening showers came over it was time to say goodbye. Many friendships are made through blogging and it's extra special when we're able to catch up 'in real life'. If you pop over to Fiona's blog you will see how alike we are when it comes to footy stuff and stitching.
I was also spoilt with some lovely goodies ... thankyou Fiona.

The weekend has been back to reality with all the washing (ironing yet to be done as I've had more important ironing to do - see below) and putting things away. Throw in not feeling 100% and showery weather and I decided some sewing would be the best remedy. Not before some serious un-sewing for the second time on this particular block. It started out as 4 pieces and reversed back to 16 pieces ... now it's ONE!
Block #1 - Workshop Mystery Design
We have a public holiday tomorrow so I feel another block finish coming on and maybe even more?
Happy Sewing  >^..^<


  1. lovely to see you and Fiona having a catch up!
    very pretty gifties.
    hope you get some sewing time tomorrow.
    God save the queen!

  2. Narelle did you know it's against the law to iron on a public holiday?! Looks like more sewing for you tomorrow instead! x

  3. How nice to have a catch up with a bloggy friend! Your block looks great, hope you got time to make some more.

  4. how lovely you got to meet Fiona and love your post.xx

  5. It is lovely making "in person" connections with bloggers. Enjoy your long weekend and I hope you get to do some more sewing tomorrow.

  6. Have a great holiday weekend! No more ironing until it is over! Glad you got to catch up with Fiona for real and that relish looks yummy!

  7. Lovely gifts from fabulous Fiona

  8. Sounds like a lovely day. Great photo of the two of you.

  9. There is nothing like home made tomato relish.... nice to have a little stock now... and I love your block...great colours ...
    was so lovely catching up... looking forward to Farmfest 2014 now!!!

  10. Looks like you had a great day.The relish looks good.xx