Monday, 24 June 2013

Super Moon Sunday

Wasn't sure how good my camera would be at taking a night shot but this is what I captured last night.

If you're like me and didn't know what all the fuss was about, click HERE for an explanation.

Last week I swapped a day at work so that I could be on hand for my usual Chief Tally Keeper job out our school sports day. Of course that was the only day it rained so sports has been postponed. Which left me with last Tuesday at home so I was able to get the next 3 blocks finished for my Workshop Mystery Layout Quilt.
Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Tomorrow will be the 25th for some. How is everyone going with this months' 1 Xmas Item? Do you have it finished and are waiting for the 25th to share your post or are you like me and still have a seam or two to sew?  Remember your item can be a gift to be given at Christmas or it can be something for yourself to use or decorate with at Christmas. 

Happy Sewing and see you soon      >^..^<


  1. It was a gorgeous moon here too. Tuesday was a happy turn of events, glad you got some sewing time.

  2. Serendipitious. Always nice to have extra sewing time.

  3. Hello Narelle,

    We had a great view too. Lovely blocks, hope you get to attend the sports day when it is re-scheduled.

    Happy days.

  4. Great pic Narelle, I saw it too, between our rainy clouds, amazing!
    I am ready for the 25th; amazingly for me, I have had my items done for a couple of weeks now... ah, that degree of organisation is a rarity for me!

  5. Great shot... I went out to have a look but forgot to take a picture due to howling!!
    Great blocks... I am ready with my item... for a change I am ready ....

  6. Lovely photo. Your blocks look great, I'm not doing so well with a Christmas item this month!! Look forward to seeing everyone elses though.

  7. lovely blocks Narelle.xx

  8. Still reading your blog, but don't comment that much due to lack of time.....
    Love your blocks! And although I don't participate in your 25th Christmas projects, I finished 4 christmas ornaments and almost done with my Christmas in July gift. We have a party the first wednesday in july, so have to sew,sew,sew... LOL

  9. I noticed the moon looking a little different the other night, good to know why.
    lovely fabrics in your blocks.
    sadly no christmas item for me again this month, maybe some will get done over the next two weeks....

  10. Wasn't that moon so big and bright. Your blocks are looking great Narelle - bonus to have a day sewing you weren't expecting

  11. Lovely blocks and yes I did finish a christmas item.

  12. Yippie, don't ya love sewing time!!
    That moon has me out walking in the morning with my mouth wide open, especially when the sun is coming up too!