Sunday, 6 October 2013

FNwF Result

A lovely night with bloggy friends, enjoying a little knitting. More dust clothes getting ready for stocking fillers.

Thankyou Cheryll for a relaxing evening.

We had a great day yesterday at a big family reunion. Dad has 3 brothers and 4 sisters so when everyone sat down to lunch with sons, daughters, inlaws, grandchildren and great grandchildren there was a sea of happy faces. I'm also thankful tomorrow is a public holiday as today seems to be a go-slow day.

If you're glued to the NRL Grand Final tonight...may your team be victorious. I'll be knitting :o)



  1. Thanks for the warning about tonight!!! I'll be sure to find a dvd or two to engross myself in, lol! ... Your knitting sounds fun - I've been meaning to make up a few dishcloths, find a pattern I like ... just hasn't happened yet in amongst everything else I haven't got to either, lol! I DO love the yarn you've chosen for this though!! I never would have thought to use something like this for a dishcloth but now that I think of it, it would be fabulous to give that little extra oomph to the cloth!! ... Enjoy your public holiday luv! We don't have a public holiday up here but our school is still on holidays (the kids have an extra week in place of random days strewn around the year like the public schools do for teachers' PD, since their PD happens in the 4th week of the mid-year break!), so I'm sure we'll be finding somewhere out of the heat again ... maybe in the bedroom, maybe at the local waterpark?! :)

  2. what a great dust cloth!
    it will definitely make dusting more enjoyable lol
    your family reunion sounds like it was a great event. makes you wonder why it doesn't happen more often doesn't it?
    Lucky you with an extra day! I am back to work for a rest.

  3. What sort of wool do you knit your dust cloths with? They look very interesting and imagine they would be great to use. Glad you had a lovely time at the reunion, its always lovely to catch up with family.

  4. love the colours in your wool narelle.xx

  5. Something that bright could *almost* make housework fun!

    Did I just type "fun" and "housework" in the same sentence? I must be delirious.

  6. Love that giggle wool! I am knitting a blanket with it at the moment.. keep forgetting to take a pic and post about it... xxx

  7. Gorgeous dust cloth. Love the colour. Hugs, xx.

  8. ooh I do like the yarn you found for your dust cloths...
    a big family reunion sounds great... lovely to have everyone together...

  9. Great FNWF knitting there Narelle - it looks too pretty to be a duster! x

  10. Lovely knitting, the wool is so pretty!

  11. Oh my--those are too pretty to dust with! We were at my mom's for a birthday celebration for my DH and we were watching American football. Cake and cheering!! Fun stuff!