Saturday, 21 December 2013

FNSI and the Dishes are Done!

Just as well Santa Clause 3 was on the TV last night. I had something to watch while finishing off this dishcloth.

Then a quick pic this morning and into the gift bag. Our family have gathered today to enjoy Christmas celebrations as we can't all be together next Wednesday. Everyone's down for the regulation nap after lunch so I thought I'd grab a moment here to catch up on some FNSI activites. 

Thank you Wendy and  Merry Christmas to all.  >^..^<


  1. love these knitted dishcloths,glad you are having a fun day,merry xmas to you also Narelle.xx

  2. Yes, I need to get myself a few more dishcloths made up , wouldn't be without the crocheted or knitted ones now!

  3. All your last minute knitting is lovely, wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas!! Lovely dishcloths you've been making!! xxx