Sunday, 27 July 2014

Keeping Busy and Frozen Fun

Last weekend would have to have been the coldest weekend yet ... just when some of our group were going away for a weekend retreat at Gayndah. Cold or not we had a fantastic time learning, sewing, chatting with old friends and making new friendships. I thoroughly enjoyed working on my scrappy quilt with tutor Jacky Hens and have managed to complete the first 30 blocks ... next are the border blocks.

Cutting ...

Sewing ...

Finished blocks.

I am going to work on the practice of having only 3 main focus projects on the go at one time (I can only try as I like jumping from one to another).  Of course 'Little Maccas Farm' for baby Jake is my 1st project. 'Billy Goat' is the 12th and last animal block and now it's onto the centre block.

My 2nd focus project is the above scrappy quilt and my 3rd project is the crochet knee rug. Now that I have had a refresher course (thanks Mum) if I keep doing a row here and there I won't forget how the pattern goes.  It's growing .....

Happy Sunday     >^..^<


  1. nine patches are such simple but versatile blocks. Crochet is something I would like to learn one day.

  2. love your scrappy blocks. I am working on a 9 patch quilt too.
    having issues with the random scrappy lol
    Billy goat looks great.
    Great growth on your crochet rug.

  3. Little Maccas Farm is going to be so cute..interesting new quilt going on there, looking forward to seeing how those blocks play together...certainly the weather for a woolly rug, growing nicely there...

  4. Hi Narelle such beautiful blocks and it is certainly crochet weather,enjoy your sunday my friend.xx

  5. Your quilt blocks are nice. I wish I could quilt and also have the money to buy the material!!! lol. I am more in to crocheting, knitting and loom knitting. I like the colors of your crochet. Nice job!

  6. Loving the farm quilt. Great to be on the last block. The scrappy quilt blocks are really interesting, too.
    Perfect weather to have a crochet rug on your lap!

  7. Love the 9 patch blocks. Billy Goat looks cute. Loving seeing you crochet & it's progress. Hugs,xx

  8. The retreat sounds like great fun and now a new project to make up... love the goat block.. he looks friendly... and that crochet is so clever...

  9. Crochet is very relaxing. There are so many patterns where you don't really have to think