Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Plugging Along and FNWF

Yippee! It's the first Friday of the month this Friday and I'm 2 days early!  Usually I remember on the day and do a quick scurry to get ready ... maybe this means I'll be super organized ... or not. If you click on over to our lovely host Cheryll you can sign up for a great night with friends ...

Meanwhile, I am still plugging along with my farm animal blocks for bubby's quilt ... usually finding a little time at night to add a few more blanket stitches.  "Mr Ed" is all finished and safe in his stable while "Missy Mouse" has had a last minute addition ... I forgot her whiskers.

Time for a few more blanket stitches on block number 11 ... almost there.



  1. at first read I thought it said 'farm animal blocks for hubby's quilts' lol
    love these blocks they are so cute!

  2. Oh, I love how it is coming along! It's going to be so special when it's all out together!

  3. your blocks look gorgeous.... bubby will love them...

  4. Coming along nicely Narelle and they are so cute.

  5. They are so cute Narelle. Beautiful xx