Sunday, 9 November 2014

Just Waiting

Seems everything around here is just waiting.

Waiting for the evening cool and someone to play with me.

Waiting for some filling so our gorgeous little grandson can give it a test drive sit.

Waiting for the final step of sandwich, quilt and bind.

Another waiting for the same final step.

Waiting for the wind to drop ... for the last couple months there's been hardly a day without wind drying the countryside out.

Waiting for a chance to sew some more letters ... these 5 are hot off the sewing machine.

The hardest wait ... waiting for some good rain and an end to this cruel drought.


  1. That sure is a few different WAITs, Narelle... I imagine that wet stuff from the sky is most definitely at the top of the list?... love the pets lying about x

  2. waiting, waiting....
    Love your Jakes farm top, it's gorgeous and your nine patch top is fantastic too.
    great fabrics in your alphabet blocks too.
    Hope you get some rain and some cool!

  3. This country is incredible isn't it? It either rains in buckets so everything is awash and flooded, or it is as dry as a bone for months on end. Do hope that you get a bit of rain soon.

  4. It's hot and dry here too, I hope it rains everywhere soon. At least you have some lovely quilts and cute company while you wait. X

  5. Your quilt tops look lovely Narelle, and your pets are so cute. I hope you get some rain really soon. Cheers, Tracy x

  6. Praying you get some rain very soon!

  7. some lovely sewing happening while you wait Narelle.... that hot dry wind is a bugger...xx


  8. Lot's of waiting especially on that rain. I do wish we all would get rain, rain & more rain. Love your projects. Hugs,xx

  9. just wished we could all get some good falls and good followup..........n

    nice sewing projects..........

  10. Also waiting for the rain, and a little sewing to fill in the time and lots of knitting in front of the TV.

  11. Lots of lovely sewing happening at your place Narelle...hoping you don't have to wait to much longer for the wet stuff xx