Saturday, 7 March 2015

About Time?

Basically between 'not enough time' and 'can't be bothered' there isn't much to blog about around here. The basics are covered ... we eat and we wear clean clothes and just enough house work is done to call the place respectable. Once I get to sit down at night, either my eyes are too sore or I'm too tired to stitch. Not grumbling ... just how it is.

I did have some lovely mail that I had forgotten to share and also a purchase ready for some cooler weather (one can hope for cooler weather!). There's a blog book for every year I've been blogging and they're great at Christmas time when the kids go looking through them. The centre book is 2014 and my first book (top left - blue) spans 18 months.

The wool is a cotton blend to make some more knitted dish cloths ... I'll never use store bought again if I can help it ... love my cloths and DD has ordered some more too.

When I do stitch I'm working on 'Merry Christmas Garden' block 2 or 'Natures Journey' for March now. Funny how years ago I tried needle turn embroidery, hated it, and said I'd never do it again. Fast forward and here I am doing needle turn for both these projects ... and enjoying it!  Never say never as time, helpful hints and new products can turn things around.

Blogging has also suffered a downturn and while I don't often comment these days, I still manage a quick skip through blogland and try to keep up with everyone's happenings. Now I need to go take photos of my blog books and wool so I can have some pictures in this post. Then it's lunch time and I might just get to sit down and do a little sewing.

Enjoy your weekend and make a little time to stitch.     >^..^<


  1. I love my blog books....
    Just comment on a couple is posts a it is the interaction that makes it fun.......

  2. I know how you feel Narelle,I think we need just a few hours extra in the day solely for us to utilise as we please!
    a girl can dream?

  3. things do get crazy busy... we all have these cycles in our lives.....

  4. I can so relate Narelle life just seems to get so busy and then you turn around and months have passed without blogging .I am happy to see you post again I to don't comment as often as I should but am trying to get better at that .have a nice day .

  5. I was looking through my blog books last night as I was ordering 2014. They are a great record of our lives and creativity. I'm sure this extra busy phase will pass. Good that you are still able to have some sewing time even if it's not as much as you'd like (I think we all feel like that at times). I made the same vow about needleturn, and now it's probably my favourite thing to do!

  6. Hello Narelle,

    Your blog books look great. Isn't it wonderful that we love something we make that we no longer need to buy them. Hope the weather is kinder to you this month.

    Happy days.

  7. Narelle it's lovely to see you pop in, even when you've not got much to blog about, I still love to see your posts. Life happens.

    My MIL still uses pot holders that her Mum knitted in the 1970s, she's not used a shop-bought one since then. Good on you with your knitted cloths! x

  8. Hi Narelle,
    We all go through those patches of not blogging or just feeling a bit flat, it happens. Have a good rest and just enjoy. Çheers, Anita.

  9. Busy and blahs phases are so fun! ;) You'll enjoy playing with that yarn soon, it's wonderful to have something easy and already-know-how to do in the cooler (and darker) months, and such pretty colours :) Glad you're enjoying the needle-turn, you have enough of it on the go, lol :)